Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yo, Yo, Yo!

Hey, peeps. It's me, Alex.

Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile, but I've been a very busy baby.

Anyway, I basically love my life. When my Mom and Dad go to work, I get to hang out with my favorite 'Auntie' Jane and my friends Connor, Beth, Aly, Jack and Gracie. Connor is basically my best bud, and I can't wait until I am older so he can teach me really cool things like teasing the girls and eating bugs. He kisses me and hugs me every morning when I get to Daycare and I smile at him with my 2-tooth smile. Oh, and don't tell ANYONE (especially my Mom) but I have a little crush on Aly. She is really nice to me and looks just like that Dora girl I see on TV from time to time.

On the homefront, things are going very well. I'm digging the stage 2 foods and just started eating these weird things called "puffs." It looks different from the sushi and ice cream that Mommy and Daddy eat, but Mom always tells me its the same. I think she's tricking me, but whatever.

This thing you people call "Christmas" is probably the coolest, ever. I got to sit on this old, fat guy's lap (he totally copied my outfit, BTW) and ask him for all sorts of things. And what's crazy is that I GOT it all! Everybody spoiled me so, so much and now I have loads of new toys to play with. Strangely, the empty boxes were somewhat more appealing for a hot minute, but I've since changed my ways and gone back to the toys.

I'm seconds from crawling. Mommy says I do this thing she calls "rocking." I'm also very, very chatty and love to make sure that everyone is paying attention to me at all times. I do this by maintaining a high level of cuteness at all times. It's a tough gig, but somebody's got to do it.

Well, it's about time for my mid-afternoon poo. It's been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun.

Until we meet again, my peeps.
Alex VW

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This was far and away the BEST Christmas morning, EVER. Pics and videos to come.

Sending blessings, snowflakes and Christmas magic to you and yours!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Eve!

Sorry for the lack of entertainment lately. I've been sucking up my time with my boys @ home like a Dyson on sale at

Today we're off to church and then we're heading north to Grammi and Poppi's for Alex's first Christmas. Kelli, David, Jill and Kyle will all be there too, so it's going to be a fab day. I am crawling with excitement.

In other news, I got a new cell phone: The Samsung Alias. I hate it. Returned it yesterday. Hopefully I will love the LG Chocolate Touch a little more (coming in the mail on Monday). I have a warm, snuggly place in my heart for all things LG, so here's hoping.

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Jesus Birthday Bootcamp.

So my Mom texted me on Friday and said "Happy Baby Jesus Birthday Bootcamp!"

It took me a minute to get it...

So fun, right? So I decided that next year (and every year after) Joe, Alex and I will celebrate BJBDBC, too. I think it will be a fun tradition that helps to get back some of the Reason for the Season.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I realize that I made this blog public. And that I openly share pictures. And use my real name.

But for the love of all things cheesy, I wish for just this moment that I hadn't.

I'm about to explode due to some of the ridiculous things that are going on around me at this exact moment. However, because this blog, its posts and author are very, very public, I cannot.

It really is a shame because I assure you the laughter such a post would bring could be heard the world ‘round.

Merry Christmas To ME!

My HD Flip Mino came in the mail last night. Squeeeeals with delight.

Expect ridiculous amounts of beyond cute Alex vidoes to grace this blog in the days to come. Mommy loves her new toy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hair On Fire.

Yesterday I spent 40% of my day in bed. I totally just shut down and gave my body the rest it has been demanding from me. Don't worry, I'm fine...

Today, I'm back at it...but trying desperately to accomplish all that needs to be done in this crazy office before Friday, aka when the greatest vacation period ever begins. That's right, peeps...this girl won't be gracing Corporate America with her face again until January 11, 2010.

But before I can enjoy that delicious, delicious break, I've got a shit ton to do. Balls almighty, here I go.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alex And The WIPpo.

I nearly forgot that today was the 15th! With all the hubbub around BDBC, Santa visits and Christmas shopping, time just skated away on me.

Nevertheless, here's my little man looking all chunky and fabulous at 8 months. Hard to believe this time last year I was as big as a house with enormously unapologetic cankles. Le sigh...

"Good morning Mommy and Daddy!"

"Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi."

I just love this one...he looks like, "I will gladly pay you for a hamburger next Tuuuuesday."

"Mom...this WIPpo fellow is very delicious."

And just for fun, here's a pic I snapped last night while we were all snuggly in our jammies watching "The Sing Off." (OMG such a good show...story for another post.)

Birthday Bootcamp Savings.

You'll notice that the BDBC freebies list is gone. I've cashed in on all the ones I'm willing to do, but I wanted to document the list so that I can have a head start on my hunt for free crap in 2010. I'm so proactive it hurts.

- Burger @ Red Robin
- Blizzard @ Dairy Queen
- Earrings from Helzberg Diamonds
- $10 from Victoria's Secret
- $5 from DSW
- $10 from Old Navy
- Car Wash from JAX
- HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Dunkers™ from Pizza Hut
- Drink of Choice @ Caribou Coffee
- 'Make Your Own Creation' from Coldstone Creamery
- Ice Cream Cone @ Baskin Robbins
- Dinner @ BD's Mongolian Grill
- Burrito @ QDoba
- Custom Perfume & Hand Lotion from Aveda
- 1 Topping Pizza from Buddy's Pizza
- Shake & 2 Tacos from Del Taco
- $15 from The Limited
- $20 from Vera Bradley
- $3 from CVS Pharmacy
- Large soda from AMC Theaters
- Lip gloss trio from Sephora

For the math nerds of the group, the above represents over $180 in retail value. Basically, that is awesome. I cashed in on about $170 of it...schwing!

Consider the documentation of this list a birthday present to all my readers. Cheers, peeps.

...and speaking of my fabulous proactiveness, have I mentioned that all my Christmas shopping is done? And wrapped? Yes, you may hate me now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa, Baby.

Alex went to visit Santa on Sunday. In true VW form, we visited Santa at Bass Pro Shop in Great Lakes Crossing. Don't judge! You can't beat a *free* picture with the big man!

I actually think Bass Pro will become our new Santa tradition. Aside from the fabulously free photographs, they also had scads of fun and free things for the kiddos: a table with coloring things, crafts and letters to Santa (complete with mailbox, natch); a laser "shooting" range; ice fishing demonstrations; Wii games to play on big TVs; racecar games and more! Seriously, when Alex is old enough to actually participate and enjoy it all it will be something he (and his Daddy) really look foward to.

Here are some of the pics we managed to snap. Alex was so funny - totally expressionless and completely mesmerized by Santa.

" you think Santa will bring me one of these?!"

"Oh...the ladies will totally DIG me in this!"

"Ummm...Dad? Maybe you should put that silly camera down and come rescue me from this very precarious situation?"

"Well, hello there, old man. What's that fuzzy stuff on your face?"

It was such a fun day...and wasn't he just ridiculously cute in his Santa suit? There's more cuteness where this came from - the 2009 VW Christmas Card will be posted soon!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday = No Fun.

You know how sometimes Fridays are very fun and relaxing? Starbucks in the morning...jeans day at work...a great day to just catch up on everything and get a head start on the week to come?

Today was not one of those days. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Friday fail.

So to kick this day up a notch, please indulge yourself in some pics of my little man. Look at those toofers!

(pause for collective sigh of extreme cutness from the audience)

...let the weekend shenanigans begin!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


You will notice that the HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Dunkers™ from Pizza Hut (in my birthday freebies list to the right) are crossed off the list...aka, the freebie has been cashed in.

Ohhhh. Emmmm. Geeeee.

They were scrumptious. Delicious. Unforgettably tasty.

Oh, and did I mention FREE?!?!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This morning it hit me like an 18-wheel semi truck rounding the corner at a NASCAR race: Alex is mine.

I know what it might sound like to my readers. At least 75% of you are thinking, "Captain Obvious much? She's just NOW realizing this fact? Call CPS ASAP!" But came straight out of the blue and just *wham* was all up in my grill, totally without permission or fair warning.

The realization of carrying him for 9 months and subsequently having him sliced out of my uterus has finally snuck up on me, and it's no small thing.

       He is part of ME.

       He is not rented, leased, on loan or just visiting for a long weekend.

       I am responsible for raising him to be a genuinely decent human being.

It's no small burden to bear, and it absolutely blows my mind to pieces to consider the gift of his life. I mean...think about it: I grew a person - a freaking PERSON - from scratch and now I get to take that person and introduce him to life and all of the opportunity it holds.

I honestly stopped breathing for a minute on the drive into work thinking about how magnanimous my job as a Mother is. Literally was near panic attack status.

But then I remembered that I am awesome. And that Joe is awesome. And that we are awesome together. And because of that, Alex will be awesome.

And now, I shall resume breathing normally and return my pulse to resting rate.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

27 Is SO Much Closer To 30.

Let's open today's post by exposing the Fatty McFatterson Elephant in the room: I'm now officially on the other half of the half between 25 and 30. Ugh.

Ahhh, well. I'll live it up while I can. In the meantime, let's recap last night, shall we?

As much as it pains me to do so, I will admit right out loud that I was incredibly wrong in my prediction of last night's plans. I thought we were going to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Detroit. 1) Because it's where Joe proposed 2 years and 364 days ago (well, technically it was in front of the waterfall in the Compuware building...but details, details); 2) Because we make it a point to go back every year and have dinner there on the anniversary of our engagement; and 3) Because the tree downtown is lit and the skating rink is open for bizz-nass so it's like a magical winter wonderland of JOY! Have I mentioned my intense love of Christmas lately?

Anyway, as I was saying...I was wr--. I was wro--. I was wron--. I WAS WRONG, DAMNIT! That doesn't happen often, just so we're all on the same page.

We went to Kruse and Muer in downtown Rochester (sweet baby Jesus their food is amazing) and took a little stroll up and down Main Street to check out the amazing lights. For those that aren't familiar with what Rochester does at Christmas time, you must see the below photo I snapped with my cell:

I knoooooooow, right? It's so, so, so, so awesome. Now imagine every single building for about 5 blocks (and up and down the side streets) with lights like that - literally from the sidewalk to the top of each store. It's breaktaking.

Today is a sad's the first day of no BDBC. But...Christmas is right around the corner. Chin up, little bear.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I adore my birthday. In fact, the only day that actually tops it is Christmas. And I'm relatively certain that if my birthday happened to fall exactly on December 25, the world would galactically implode into some alternate universe where up is down and black is white. It would blow. your. mind.

Day 7 has been fantabulous. My final card contained a sweet, sweet message and tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in March! I laughed and told Joe we will likely be the oldest people there, but you know as well as I that we'll be jamming and singing along with the 80 bazillion tweens in the audience like we're not a day over 14. I draw the line at waving my cell phone in the air, though.

I'm not sure what tonight holds. I know that I was explicitly instructed by Joey to make no plans and be out of work at 5 sharp. I have a leeeeeeeeeetle idea of what it might be, and if I'm right I'll let you know tomorrow. If I'm wrong, well...I'll never fess up to that.


Alex is at the BEST Daycare in the world:

Best text message I've gotten all day. :)

Birthday Love.

Let it be known - I have the smartest kid and the greatest Mother-in-law on planet Earth, as demonstrated by this e-card:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BDBC - Day 6.

Day 6 was the best yet.

My spreesprise was left on the bathroom sink - it was a McDonald's gift card to get my Diet Coke fix on  and another perfect card. He knows me so, so well.

We went to church and then traveled north to Frankenmuth to Bronner's, the World's largest Christmas store. I could probably get a sleeping bag and a box of Cheez-its and live in their tree/lights section for the rest of my life in pure bliss. I LOVE it there. We purchased Alex's personalized ornament for our tree and some other odds-n-ends Christmas-y, fabulous items. We attempted to visit Santa, but it was a 3 hour wait. FAIL.

From there, we went to downtown Frankenmuth and walked around some of their weird, little shops. Then we met up with Mom, Dad, Kyle and Jill at Zehnders to partake in their famous chicken dinner. But get this - instead of dining in the actual restaurant, we went downstairs to the "Z Cafe" and had the same dinner that is offered upstairs but at 1/5 the cost (because it's served cafeteria style). For real! We had a 16 piece chicken dinner with 6 sides for a total of $31.95. A single chicken dinner upstairs is a ridiculous $24.95. Love it!

On the trip home we stopped at Target (le swoon) to pick up a present for baby Clarke (congrats Dave and Cassie!!) and then to Coldstone for freeeeeeeeee ice cream.

I love my life.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

BDBC - Day 5.

Gotta make it quick today - I'm in Okemos for the *So Sarah* designs party. Next week I'll have a post  dedicated to Sarah and her wares, but here's a sneak peek at my current 2 faves - the cupcake half apron with ruffles and the Mommy & Me designs.

I cute, right? More details and how to order next week. And yes, she does custom orders!

BDBC Day 5 is going smashingly well. Tonight's plans include a Mexi-fab dinner with the girls @ the party followed by a stint in Becki's hot tub. Could life BE any better?

And my treat from Joey? Another perfect card and a king size box of Milk fave!

Friday, December 4, 2009

BDBC - Day 4.

First things first, I changed my posting setting in Blogger to the "new" version...loving it! You should know that I have a great aversion to change when it comes to all things PC (don't even get me started on the FB updates over the years), but I always tend to warm to the changes...eventually. Let's face it, serious computer nerds that are far smarter than yours truly update these things and I have to trust that they are making improvements to enhance and simplify my blogging experience. So, to the nerds of the world, thank you. I simply adore that my photos now upload at the insertion point, rather than at the top of all my blogs. Moving them is hard work! But that said - where oh where is spellcheck in this new version?!? Yes, I have an honors degree in journalism and also write for a living but this is just nonsense. A girl needs her schpell chek!

Back to le subject at hand - BDBC. I'm not gonna lie, Day 4 did not begin well. I hoisted my Princess and the Pea self out of bed to be at work for a 7 a.m. meeting only to dash into my boss' office a hot, sweaty mess at 6:55 to find it DARK and UNOCCUPIED. Angry and confused, I went back to my desk to find a loverly email timestamped at 6:29 to reschedule the meeting. Um, I was driving at 6:29.

Not. Cool.

I'm 93% over it (the coffee helped) and I'm just getting to my BDBC card and spreesprise, which were placed under my keys this morning. In my hurricane-powered frenzy to get out the door and to the meeting that never happened, I tossed it in my purse to open later.

Later is now.

And once again, my husband is just the best. I wish I could share what the cards all say, but that's something I choose to keep personal (I know, crazy...I will tell you crazy graphic stories of a baby failing to exit out my vajayjay but the simple, loving words of a card are too personal to share. Deal.). Today's little surprise was an ornament for our tree - adorable!

I think blogging has successfully simmered my morning rage. Let Friday officially begin!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It was just the coffee.

Productivity be damned.

BDBC - Day 3.

Another glorious day of me. Are you sick of it yet? Cause I'm sure not.

My spreesprise this morning was placed on the toilet (lid down, thankyouverymuch) while I was in the shower. It was another perfect, loving card and the pop-up tape dispenser from Scotch. I've been eyeing it for awhile now...nice to know Joey pays attention.

I scored a grande Christmas Blend on the way to work and have since been as busy as a bee. Not sure if it's the insane amount of caffeine I've pumped into my body in the last hour or if I'm just having an uber productive day. I'll let you know around noonish.

In related news, last night's shopping trip/girls' night was a smashing success. You'll see I've updated the list @ the right to reflect the coupons I've cashed in on.

I got these at DSW, but in a grey color with silver buckles. I know...SO fab.

I also scored a pair of Pumas and some black pumps for work (both on clearance, natch). Plus, my purchase last night generated enough points on my DSW membership to get another $10 coupon in the mail soon - which means Joey can get some new kicks, too!

From there, I picked up my earrings at Helzberg. I just handed her my coupon and she handed me a bag with all sorts of goodies - earrings included! I'm wearing them right diva glam.

Two additional stops at Hallmark and Vickie's and her Secrets were enough to get me in the mood to party. Simply add girlfriends, a martini and a margarita (or two) to the mix and it was a perfect night!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Post #3 today, but I promise it's worth the read...

XM23 Holly (the station that is played continuously at my desk from Nov. 1-Jan. 5 each and every year) just played "Last Christmas" as performed by the CAST OF GLEE.

Is Christmas music on this week's ep? Will it be on the 'Glee: The Music, Volume 2' CD that I ordered from yesterday? Can I download it (and others?!?!) on iTunes the absolute second I walk in the door tonight? Can the whole damn cast just come Christmas caroling at my house this weekend?

So many questions, so few answers! 'Glee' and Christmas music together at last. I can die a happy woman. Le sigh.

The Earrings.

Many have asked, some have begged. Here's your answer:

Much to my chagrin, the free earrings from Helzberg are not diamond earrings. They are freshwater pearl earrings on 10kt gold posts - a $25 retail value, so I really can't complain.

I got the email below and a mailer via snail mail, so I'm quite sure it's a legit offer. I purchased the necklace and cross charm that I gave Joe on our wedding day there, so I think that's how I got on their mailing list. Perhaps registering on their website will do the trick for you?

I'm headed out tonight to pick them up...I'll let you know how it goes!

BDBC - Day 2.

After a night of INSANE dreams (seriously, you'd think I did some serious narcotics before bed) I woke to a wonderful BDBC Day 2.

This morning, Joey left my card and spreesprise on the chair that I usually feed Alex in. The card was, again, perfect and the gift was a set of pink sparkly snowflake ornaments for our Christmas tree. Yes, he's the best. And sorry ladies, he's totally taken.

I started the work day with a 15 minute chair massage, which are offered every 2 weeks by our LiveWell program. I'm currently in a semi-permanent state of pure zen that not even 'The Devil Wears Prada' herself can ruin.

Tonight after work I'm headed out solo to le Mall to cash in on some of my birthday freebies. Then I'm meeting some friends for drinks...not for my birthday, but a fun night nonetheless. A group of girls (wives of the crazy Pike boys from WSU) get together every few months for good times, good drinks and a night away from hubbies and kiddos. Fab.

Snowflakes, massages, shopping and drinking. A perfect BDBC Day 2!

Oh...and you'll notice that my list at the right has significantly grown. Jackie @ Letters to Leighton opened my eyes to a whole new world of freebies. I heart her.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birthday Freebies.

You might have noticed that I've started a list on the right with all the freebies I've gotten from various retailers and restaurants in honor of my day of birth.

The reason for this list is twofold:
1) So I remember to cash in on all of them.
2) So my delicious readers can get in on all the fabulous, free goodness! Head to their websites now and sign up for whatever email lists you can get on. It's worth the 128,943,278 useless emails/spam you have to sift through every year to get the free stuff!

BDBC - Day 1.

Ahhhh, glorious. The week of Kristi begins.

Not that every day isn't all about me, but let's just go with it, mmmmkay?

Alex woke up at about 5:30 this morning, which is very unusual for him. He's usually a snoozer so I took advantage of the extra hour and stole him from his crib to snuggle in bed with Joe and me. The perfect way to start BDBC, no?

While I was in the shower, Joe put a card and a treat on my makeup bag. Tricky, tricky! The card was perfect and the treat was a bag of Laffy Taffy candy. Purple is my FAVE...I even bought a $15 bag of candy from Costco for Halloween just to get the purple ones and there wasn't one stinking one in the whole bag! Hookers, the lot of 'em. And yes, purple is a flavor.

I'm now perched at my desk, where the yellow, pink and green taffys can be found in my candy jar. The purple ones? Well, if I told you I'd have to kill you...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Aaaaaaaaand You May Begin!

Urgent news update:


For those just tuning in, BDBC is celebrated the world over the week prior to the birthday of yours truly. International holiday? You bet your sweet ascot it is.

Tomorrow marks the first day of December, thus kicking off the celebrations that will culminate on December actual day of birth.

Feel free to send flowers, gifts, e-cards, checks made payable to Kristi Van Wormer, etc. etc.

Ready, Set...CELEBRATE!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And What A Weekend It Was!

My big sister is MARRIED! It all feels like a dream...but it was an awesome weekend. And despite the fact that it was late November in mid-northernish Michigan, the weather was incredible. I'll be sure to post some of the profesh pics when she gets them, but here are some to tide you over:

The new Mr. & Mrs. Turner! She was a stunning bride.

The whole fam-damily.

With my fab SIL, Jill. Also a good shot of the flowers. They were SO cool!

My boys. Alex's tux was ridiculously adorable. Bowtie and EVERYTHING!

Rockin' out to the Gator (aka "Takin' Care of Business"). It should be noted that there has never been one event (prom, homecoming, weddings...even my OWN) that I did not do the Gator proudly from start to finish. Six-and-a-half minutes of pure, sweaty dancin' goodness.

For now, I must go clean my house tornado-style in preparation for Thanskgiving festivities. Yes, we're hosting. I don't know what I was thinking, either.

Friday, November 20, 2009


As expected, the other bottom/middlish tooth has sprouted. It's probably only a matter of time before he's begging to go to 2-for-1 wing night @ Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Le sigh.

Amidst all the crazy things/gimmicks that we've purchased for teething (rings, toys, baby tooth brushes, textured binkies, etc.) I think I've found the golden goose: Baby Orajel® Teething Swabs.

A coworker actually tipped me off about these things. They look alarmingly similar to a Q-Tip, but you snap the top off and the medicine oozes into the other tip and then you swab it in baby's mouth. I tried it on my really works...and quite instantly! (The girl that told me about it says she uses them when she plucks her eyebrows...ha!)

Much like the pre-soaped washcloths that I prefer to use at bath time, these are rather gimmicky. I could probably buy the tube of Orajel and apply it myself to save some money, but there are some things in life that are worth paying for: plumbers, painters and Orajel. :) Plus, I love that I can throw them in the diaper bag and use them whenever and wherever he might get fussy because of teething-related pain.

Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm off to pick up the future Mr. & Mrs. David Turner from the's WEDDING WEEKEND! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

CSN Baby Division = Thumbs Up.

In the event that any of my kickass readers were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the product and store review from CSN Baby, your day has arrived!

My apologies to Ashley and the fine people at CSN for the delay in posting, but I wanted to give this review the time and research that it deserved.

So here we go...

The product I received in the mail was the Skip*Hop Mod Dot Nursery Lamp.

Once you finish squealing with delight at how adorable it is, I will give you the low down.

*pause for squeals*

First, a review on the product itself:

Price: The list price of this lamp is $40. CSN has it 33% off at an absolute STEAL for $27. To be honest, I lovelovelove the Skip*Hop brand (you remember our bottle drying rack?) but hate that it's often so expensive. Worth it, but still. I usually can snag items for a deal at Marshalls or T.J. Maxx, but CSN's price beats them ALL. To drive the point home, this exact same lamp is listed for $49.99 at Buy, Buy Baby and is listed for $50 at many other online retailers' sites.

There's also a "seen it for less?" button near the price on CSN's product pages. All you have to do is click the link and fill out a quick form (where you saw the price, what it was, etc.) and they will send you back an offer. As a girl who loves a deal but sometimes gets exhausted on the hunt, I find this to be an absolutely brilliant concept. Customer retention? Ab-so-friggin-lutely.

Shipping: This item shipped to me for $6.21, which isn't bad considering it's a LAMP for crying out loud. Currently, they're offering free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Function: Ok, why have I not owned a touch-operated lamp before? BRILLS! A light touch to the base or pole of the lamp will turn it on; it has a 3-way bulb, so the low setting is perfect for a night light in Alex's room and the high setting is great for bedtime stories. Plus, I can easily turn it off if he's sleeping without the annoying *CLICK* of a standard lamp. Nobody likes to wake a baby!

Now, for a general review of CSN:

Product Offering: They have a wide range of products from a great selection of brands. From nursery decor to travel gear, there's pretty much nothing you can't find on their site. Plus, with over 200+ CSN sister sites, you're sure to find whatever it is you're looking or otherwise.

Price: As previously mentioned, their price points are very competitive. Even if you were to use a coupon at a big-name baby retailer like Buy, Buy Baby, you're still getting a better price even factoring in shipping at CSN.

Customer Service: Now, I suspect that I got great customer service because I was doing a product review for them, but to be extra sneaky I anonymously called their customer service line with a few fake questions just to get a taste of the company and its culture. I'm pleased to report they passed with curteous, flying colors.

In Summary: My final grade for CSN is an A+! I would like to thank them for the opportunity to review their company and its products. You can bet I'll be a repeat customer.

And to my friends at Starbucks, MAC, Target, etc. if you are reading this and would like to follow suit, hit me up at kveedub {at} gmail {dot} com.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We interrupt what should have been a product review post (which is obvi delayed until tomorrow) to bring you this very exciting and urgent news:


Joe noticed it during dinner last night - it's the bottom leftish one. He's been gnawing on everything but the kitchen sink lately (and he would chew that to pieces too if only he could figure it out) so we knew it was only a matter of time. I'm honestly not sure I'm ready for this. It makes him seem

Since I don't have a time machine, I will relish in the moment and shout from the rooftops about this latest milestone. My mom said I popped my first 3 teeth through in a 2 day period, so if he's like his Momma the others aren't far behind. And if the little wiggle worm will sit still long enough to snap a good picture of his mouth I'll have one to post soon.

And because I was out of town for the 7 month Alex and the WIPpo pics, here they are:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Based solely on my current stress/anxiety levels, you'd think I was the one getting married this weekend. And if I'm feeling this way, I can only imagine how Kelli is doing...

Anyway, the Post®-its are out of control and I'm beginning to fear they are going to take on a lifelike form and revolt in an uprising against me. I've managed to throw away 5 of them this morning - 2 personal and 3 work-related. Only 432,879,721 more to go!

In other news, Starbucks Christmas Blend came out today. Best. Coffee. Ever.

And, for those that give a rats, the E-Boarding pass worked like a charm. I just pulled up the text message from NWA/Delta that had the barcode on it and scanned it under this little machine thingie and breezed on through. VERY cool. I always stumble and stress like a maniac to find which pocket I put the paper pass in, which results in an instant hot flash of fear that I lost it, dropped it, or was mugged. I knew my phone was in my pocket, so no fear, no sweat. Love it!

And it's LONG overdue, but tomorrow you can expect the post on my lovely surprise from the CSN baby division. It's VERY cool!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane.

2 very important things before I depart:

1) Tried the NoseFrida last night. HOLY CRAP IT IS AWESOME. Seriously, it works like a friggin' dream. As previously mentioned, Alex is a booger machine and he always fought and struggled with the bulb sucker...even got a little whimpery when he saw it coming. But this thing is quite possibly more brilliant than sliced bread. I do not tell a lie. When you get yours, be sure to order the extra filters, too, since you have to use a new one every time. But at $2.50 for 20, it's so worth it.

2) When I checked in for my flight last night I opted to receive an E-Boarding Pass. Has anyone else done this? It's very cool - you have to enter your wireless carrier, phone brand and model and then they TEXT you your boarding pass. Apparently I just flash my phone screen and license at the security checkpoint and I'm good as gold. Truth be told I will probably print a boarding pass at the terminal just to be safe, but I'm going to give the E-thing a whirl first. I'm so modern! :)

Peace out, girl scouts!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Honey, I'm Home!

Im back in the Pleasant Peninsula for a hot minute.

Unfortunately, I think that trip is one I'm going to have to repeat more times than I would like. And let's be honest, here...I would like to repeat it exactly zero more times.

Tonight I must launder and pack my stuff for a weekend in Chicago and Alex's stuff for a weekend with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jill. Joey's having a bachelor weekend @ home. So really, everyone wins.

In other news, I just got a Diet Mt. Dew for the first time in ages. Seriously, this stuff gets me moving faster than a hyperactive 9 year old sans Ritalin in Disney World. I plan on being uber productive tonight.

Bring it on!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Armpit Of America.

After 5 painful hours in the car, I have arrived at my destination successfully. Note: there are LOTS of toll roads in Ohio. I HATE TOLL ROADS. I also hate Ohio, but that is a post for another day.

There is nothing here. Literally nothing.

Well, except a few gas stations and a Chipotle, which is where I dined for lunch.

Speaking the girl that took my order, I am NOT your "sweetie." And to add "pie" to it when you took my money was just ridic. You are a CHILD. I HAVE a child. Thus, I am not your "sweetie" or "sweetie pie."

Some people's kids...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking For Me?

Currently, I can be found behind the wall of Post-it® notes covering my desk, steering wheel and wallet.

There is nothing in my line of sight right now that doesn't have a sticky on it. True story.

I'm leaving for a work trip tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn, followed by a whirlwind 12 hours at home, and then I'm off on a weekend trip to Chicago to see some of my girls. Can't wait for that part!!!

Thus, the only shred of sanity I have left is being balanced by a sea of 3x3 yellow pieces of moderately sticky paper acting as chicken-scratch reminders of all the tasks I have to complete before midnight tonight. Presentations to print. Things to pack. People to email. Hotels to schedule. Flights to confirm. Calm to maintain.

Utter chaos. And secretly, I love it.

In other news, my Glee CD came in the mail on Friday. It's been on repeat since then. No joke. The fact that Joe was buzzing around the house this morning singing "Defying Gravity" proves it. It looks like there's another one coming out soon...

New sticky --> Research Glee CD part 2.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hit Or Miss.

There are many stores with which I have a love/hate relationship. To name a few: Limited, Express, Macy's, H&M, Old Navy & Gap. When you hit them just right, you can find a sea of absolutely fabulous things. But when the selection or season is wrong, it is oh-so veryvery wrong.

Right now Old Navy is a total hit for me. I bought this hoodie recently and simply adore it. It has that "I'm totally thrown together but still trendy" look about it.

And I'm pretty sure I'm headed out this weekend at lunchtime to get this coat:

In related news, in a half-assed attempt to be current, I recently purchased this:

I know, I know. It's really cute. And to be totally vain, it looks great on me most likely because of the contrast with my dark hair. I've put it in three times to wear to work but have never actually made it out the door with it on. I just feel ridiculous with this giant sparkle on my head. Maybe I'll rock it this weekend when snoopy office mates and bosses aren't around to judge me.

See you Monday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Starbucks FAIL.

Holiday drinks are officially back at Starbucks. Woot!

Guess what's noticeably absent from the list?

My beloved Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

After whining inappropriately to my barista this morning, she assured me they could still make the "Caramel Hot Chocolate" part, just not the "Salted" part. Um...moron much? That's what makes it so deliciously delicious!

So, in an attempt to survive the season, I plan to head to Kroger tonight to pick up my own personal jar of sea salt, which will be kept innocuously in my purse so I can salt my own beverage. So much for the customer is always right.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Put A Ring On It.

Alex and Abigail had a little playdate on Sunday during Kelli's birthday party.

Alex was totally enamored with her...and in my mind they are pretty much as good as married. Invitations will be sent out in May 2033. Monogram "A" theme. Colors are black, white and green - an homage to both of their parents' weddings.

Considering that Keliann met Michael on my first date with Joe (long, hilarious story for another post), I think it's totally appropriate.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Is Coming!

These slippers are on sale this week @ Target for $6 (from $9.99). And since I can't resist a good sale and/or things that keep my freakishly small feet warm, I very obviously bought these:

Aren't they the cutest? I thought I would feel silly in them, like I should be on a boat dock or something. But they are SO warm and snuggly!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is so much better with kids. I mean, really...frat parties and slutty costumes can only get you so far in life.

We had a great weekend, as captured by these pics:

Alex as "Superbaby!" Complete with cape, natch.

It's a's a's ALEX!!!!!!

Alex as a peapod!

All snuggled in and ready to go Trick-or-Treating.

Family shot! Pardon the seasonally inappropriate and slightly oversized Red Sox hoodie. When Superbaby was flying over my head the kryptonite must have gotten the best of him because he for sure barfed all over my super cute black and orange outfit. We were @ my brother's house, so his Boston hoodie had to work as a replacement.

Grammi bought him an Alex-sized pumpkin that he carried all day (and tried to eat).

The hat was $1.00 @ Target. I simply couldn't resist.

The weekend was such fun. Kyle and Jill had a party in their new house, so we all gathered there to pass out candy to the little ones and Jello shots to the big ones. Yes, we were the coolest house on the block. The newlyweds had an amazing spread of food...and let's be honest, I could be found grazing at it pretty much all night. Chex Mix? Spicy taco dip? Brownies? <--These are all things I cannot resist!

Sunday was Kelli's birthday (30, flirty and thriving!), so Mom and Dad had a little shindig at their place. There's no better ending to a divine weekend of gorging on copious amounts of food than ice cream and cake.

...back on the wagon today. It's Monday!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fun.

Literally chasing my own tail this morning, which would be great if I was in a Jake-ish Halloween costume, but I'm not. I'm in my "working mommy" costume, which consists of a great deal of stress and anxiety on this particular Friday. I could tell you why, but you'd be bored with the details.

As such, today's post is short and sweet.
  • SAVINGS: Text 242424 with "Oprahshow" as the subject and get a text code back for 50% off all day today ONLY at Payless. I'm planning to get these and probably these, too. And if I could come up with an event (real or otherwise) to wear these to, you bet your sweet ascot I'd be buying them.
  • SWEETS: Happy almost Halloween! The kids @ Alex's daycare are taking a group pic in their costumes today. I can't wait to see it. Also, click here for some waist-saving tips on candy consumption. Really, who am I kidding? I'm going to King Size it this weekend.
  • SHENANIGANS: I'm wearing orange Crocs today. Festive? Yes. Ridiculous? Also yes.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All The Single Ladies.

Single Moms, this one's for you:


Joe has been out of town on business since Tuesday so Alex and I have been barely surviving in fake single mommy mode since then. It's SO. HARD.

Usually when I complain on le blog its mostly for attention and/or due to the fact that I have an insatiable flair for the dramatic. But I'm being totally honest when I tell you this flying solo thing is for the birds.

Exhibit A: Kristi has 7 am meeting. Alex cannot be dropped off at daycare any earlier than 7 am. You see the inherent problem? So I arranged to conference into the meeting via cell which is still harder than it sounds. I had to get myself totally ready and then woke up Alex...fed him, changed him and got him all bundled in the car seat. Picture me all dolled up for work (heels and all) trying to get my 17 lb. monster in his 10 lb. car seat out the door - all while balancing my laptop bag, purse, cell phone, keys AND trying to maintain a calm, cool business demeanor and actually make sense to the people on the other end of the call.


Today? 7:30 am meeting. I did it all again, only this morning Jake decided to lunge at me (while holding Alex) when I tried to put him outside. He's on his last life in the VW house and I am NOT kidding you.

The weekend cannot come fast enough.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Act of Pure Desperation.

This one's about boogers, just so you're prepared.

I've been using the nose sucker (does it have a real name?'s this thing) that we got from the hospital for Alex. Sadly, it experienced its last suck a few nights ago due to a tear in the rubber.

So I bought a replacement from Safety First. Pardon the pun, but this one SUCKS. Hardcore. So I bought another one. And it sucks even MORE. I'm convinced that hospitals have the monopoly on all the good nose suckers.

I must, must, must, must get another hospital one. I will give money. I will give Starbucks. I will even give my dignity. Who can get me one? Nurses? People having babies at hospitals that can ask for an extra?

Seriously...I will stop at nothing to get my hands on it. I'm the Mom to the biggest booger producer on the planet and need that thing to survive.

Alex would really like to breathe. Can you help?

Update: My inbox has been absolutely flooded with suggestions to look into the Nosefrida. I will admit, the thought of actually sucking the boogers out of Alex's nose literally with my own mouth makes me want to gag, but it's been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and germ-free. Plus, the reviews are absolutely out of this world, so I basically must have one ASAP. I ordered mine online at Target...check it out!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Cutie Patootie.

Yesterday was an unseasonably gorgeous day in Metro Detroit, so we took advantage of it and went for a little walk last night.

Oh, and that jogging stroller from Craiglist? Best $60 I've ever spent. Also the best $120 I've ever saved. (Note: if you're in the market for one, be SURE to get one with a swivel front wheel that can also lock.)