Thursday, November 5, 2009

Starbucks FAIL.

Holiday drinks are officially back at Starbucks. Woot!

Guess what's noticeably absent from the list?

My beloved Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

After whining inappropriately to my barista this morning, she assured me they could still make the "Caramel Hot Chocolate" part, just not the "Salted" part. Um...moron much? That's what makes it so deliciously delicious!

So, in an attempt to survive the season, I plan to head to Kroger tonight to pick up my own personal jar of sea salt, which will be kept innocuously in my purse so I can salt my own beverage. So much for the customer is always right.


Abby said...

I discovered that on Monday. I was tree-mendously disappointed. And the barista told me the same thing! "We can make you the caramel hot chocolate, we just don't have the salt." F.A.I.L.

Beth said...

1) Why did we not receive festive red cups this morning?

2) Did you see an ad there for the new Caramel Brulee latte and/or frappacino light?. Must. Try. Soon.

Brooke said...

Seriously? So bummed right now.

Have you tried any of the new drinks, Kristi? Your opinion please? Afterall, I remember receiving a call from my sister last year while I was in a Starbucks, and she said, "You MUST try the salted caramel hot chocolate. Kristi told me about it, and I just tried it, and it's amazing."

So I did, and it was.

So obviously we have similar taste when it comes to Starbucks. Please do tell if you enjoy the new drinks! :)

RachelLynn said...

I read this a while back, and I thought of you this weekend at Cost Plus World Market. They have a salted caramel hot chocolate mix! and chocolate bark of the salted caramel variety, which sound ah-mazing. Not sure if you have one near you, but I just wanted to pass it on :)