Friday, November 30, 2012


Today is your lucky day! You get a two-fer post...because Birthday Bootcamp came a day early this year! (I told you 30 is going to be the bomb!)

I came into work this morning to find this:

Red Velvet cupcakes, a pink sparkly dancing moustache card (!!!), and two empty vases.

All day, and one-by-one, the vases have been filled with friends from work visiting, wishing me a happy birthday and each delivering one of 30 gerber daisies (my fave!). My Mom and Dad even showed up!!

And if you look closely, you can see I also had sushi for lunch. Like I said, best day (and best hubby) ever. Here's to the last week of my 20s!

Fun with silhouettes.

I've been wanting a black and white silhouette print of Alex pretty much since the first time I kissed his perfect wittle cheeks. My obsession was renewed the other day when my home feed on etsy was filled with all sorts of silhouette goodness. It's like the internet reads my mind, I swear it.

Anyway, I had a pic from Thanksgiving that I was able to easily remove the background on and actually ended up having a little fun trying to do something different. Maybe I don't want a traditional one, after all--because these options would be way more eye catching on my walls, methinks. Yay? Nay?

Thursday, November 29, 2012


It seems that all over the blogosphere (at least the circles I run in), people are having a severe and spreading case of the writer's block blues. Someone must have sneezed in my general direction, 'cause I'm feeling it too. And not that there's a lack of things to write about--Alex is 3. He's practically a running monologue of hilariousness. I just log into blogger and I'm all "eh..." and proceed to do more reading than writing.

But here's the good news: Birthday bootcamp starts in TWO days. Well, one if you don't count today since it's technically half over. So I will soon have riveting and celebratory posts for you on the regular. (And secretly? Between you and me? Joey is "working from home" today, which I think is loosely translated into "shopping like a mad man for BDBC 2012.") Because, people? THIS IS A BIG ONE. Momma's turnin' the dirty thirty and I am wicked pumped about it.

I know some girls get all down in the dumps and mopey-dopey depressed about turning 30. Me? I say, "Bring it on!" because I'm pretty sure I'm pink puffy heart glitter sprinkle going to rock the shizz out of 30. Thirty and I are going to be good, good friends.

Meanwhile, while I work on getting my writing mojo back, I give you two of the cutest boys in the world:

Oh wait. I mean this. Yes, this:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

I came, I saw, I crafted.

I'm generally not a crafty person and 9 times out of 10 would rather pay someone to craft on my behalf and then subsequently display it in my home as if I'd done it myself.

But as every good fake crafter knows, it just takes one trip to Hobby Lobby, a cheap bottle of wine and an afternoon with nothing on the schedule to let the beast out. And that's exactly what happened to me yesterday.

Tools: empty bottles, yarn, scissors, a glue gun & some flower accessories.
Thank you, Jill, for teaching me the difference between a high and low temp hot glue gun. Also, my fingers thank you.

About 45 minutes later:

Mantle decor!

And onto my favorite project of the weekend...the wall hooks! I've been looking for a really unique set of hooks for our entryway pretty much since we moved. After hunting down all my favorite retailers, etailers and antique shops, I couldn't find one I loved that was worth its price tag. So what's a girl to do with an old piece of scrap wood and a few knobs from Hobby Lobby? Make one!

I painted the circular ones red, because they were originally white and got lost on the board behind it. Knobs & pulls are almost always 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so with a little over a $10 investment, some epoxy and a little manpower from Joey and his drill, we have one of the coolest (and most unique!) coat racks in town.

In unrelated news, I have a LOT of yarn lying around that needs a purpose. I can't promise I won't start wrapping kitchen chairs and toilets with the stuff. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

And the winner is...

I just realized those who don't follow me on Facebook don't know who won the big election at Mrs. Davis' Daycare. Watch to learn!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


While many of us have been preoccupied by the national election, the REALLY IMPORTANT election will be held at Alex's Daycare today! Who will be their official daycare mascot? I invite you to meet the candidates...

The Dog Party: Meet Clifford, the Big Red Dog. According to Aunt Jane, those who have chosen the Dog Party Candidate like his cute tail, his nose, paws, big eyes and red floppy ears. They also say he is a really nice dog.

The Dinosaur Party: Meet Barney, the Dinosaur. I'm told that those who have made Barney their candidate like that he is big and purple, a nice green belly, and a friendly smile. He likes kids too.

Additionally, their respective poll workers will be passing out treats in an attempt to sway last minute voters.

And as each child practices his or her right to a Daycare vote, the official Mrs. Davis' Daycare mascot will be chosen. Viva la democracy!

In related news, I'm told that Alex is a fervent supporter of Clifford. And as such, he's taken on the role of campaign manager. Joey's never been prouder.