Thursday, November 29, 2012


It seems that all over the blogosphere (at least the circles I run in), people are having a severe and spreading case of the writer's block blues. Someone must have sneezed in my general direction, 'cause I'm feeling it too. And not that there's a lack of things to write about--Alex is 3. He's practically a running monologue of hilariousness. I just log into blogger and I'm all "eh..." and proceed to do more reading than writing.

But here's the good news: Birthday bootcamp starts in TWO days. Well, one if you don't count today since it's technically half over. So I will soon have riveting and celebratory posts for you on the regular. (And secretly? Between you and me? Joey is "working from home" today, which I think is loosely translated into "shopping like a mad man for BDBC 2012.") Because, people? THIS IS A BIG ONE. Momma's turnin' the dirty thirty and I am wicked pumped about it.

I know some girls get all down in the dumps and mopey-dopey depressed about turning 30. Me? I say, "Bring it on!" because I'm pretty sure I'm pink puffy heart glitter sprinkle going to rock the shizz out of 30. Thirty and I are going to be good, good friends.

Meanwhile, while I work on getting my writing mojo back, I give you two of the cutest boys in the world:

Oh wait. I mean this. Yes, this:

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