Tuesday, November 6, 2012


While many of us have been preoccupied by the national election, the REALLY IMPORTANT election will be held at Alex's Daycare today! Who will be their official daycare mascot? I invite you to meet the candidates...

The Dog Party: Meet Clifford, the Big Red Dog. According to Aunt Jane, those who have chosen the Dog Party Candidate like his cute tail, his nose, paws, big eyes and red floppy ears. They also say he is a really nice dog.

The Dinosaur Party: Meet Barney, the Dinosaur. I'm told that those who have made Barney their candidate like that he is big and purple, a nice green belly, and a friendly smile. He likes kids too.

Additionally, their respective poll workers will be passing out treats in an attempt to sway last minute voters.

And as each child practices his or her right to a Daycare vote, the official Mrs. Davis' Daycare mascot will be chosen. Viva la democracy!

In related news, I'm told that Alex is a fervent supporter of Clifford. And as such, he's taken on the role of campaign manager. Joey's never been prouder.

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