Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane.

2 very important things before I depart:

1) Tried the NoseFrida last night. HOLY CRAP IT IS AWESOME. Seriously, it works like a friggin' dream. As previously mentioned, Alex is a booger machine and he always fought and struggled with the bulb sucker...even got a little whimpery when he saw it coming. But this thing is quite possibly more brilliant than sliced bread. I do not tell a lie. When you get yours, be sure to order the extra filters, too, since you have to use a new one every time. But at $2.50 for 20, it's so worth it.

2) When I checked in for my flight last night I opted to receive an E-Boarding Pass. Has anyone else done this? It's very cool - you have to enter your wireless carrier, phone brand and model and then they TEXT you your boarding pass. Apparently I just flash my phone screen and license at the security checkpoint and I'm good as gold. Truth be told I will probably print a boarding pass at the terminal just to be safe, but I'm going to give the E-thing a whirl first. I'm so modern! :)

Peace out, girl scouts!


Jackie D. said...

See, I told you the Nosefrieda is probably one of the best baby inventions yet! :) Works like a dream.

Brooke said...

Nosefrida order confirmation just received in my email inbox! So excited for it to arrive...sad i know, but I am.

Brady screams like crazy when we suction his nose, and we've been suctioning constantly for the last 5 weeks!