Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Armpit Of America.

After 5 painful hours in the car, I have arrived at my destination successfully. Note: there are LOTS of toll roads in Ohio. I HATE TOLL ROADS. I also hate Ohio, but that is a post for another day.

There is nothing here. Literally nothing.

Well, except a few gas stations and a Chipotle, which is where I dined for lunch.

Speaking of...to the girl that took my order, I am NOT your "sweetie." And to add "pie" to it when you took my money was just ridic. You are a CHILD. I HAVE a child. Thus, I am not your "sweetie" or "sweetie pie."

Some people's kids...

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Ameya said...

Where were you?! I live in Ohio and i have never once seen a toll road! I also rage against the other states i encounter them in!

I save most of my state hatred for places like Kansas & Nebraska, so Ohio isn't that bad too me.. but yes, we have a glorious excess of chipotles! I almost starve to death when i travel because they are so much harder to find...