Thursday, October 29, 2009

All The Single Ladies.

Single Moms, this one's for you:


Joe has been out of town on business since Tuesday so Alex and I have been barely surviving in fake single mommy mode since then. It's SO. HARD.

Usually when I complain on le blog its mostly for attention and/or due to the fact that I have an insatiable flair for the dramatic. But I'm being totally honest when I tell you this flying solo thing is for the birds.

Exhibit A: Kristi has 7 am meeting. Alex cannot be dropped off at daycare any earlier than 7 am. You see the inherent problem? So I arranged to conference into the meeting via cell which is still harder than it sounds. I had to get myself totally ready and then woke up Alex...fed him, changed him and got him all bundled in the car seat. Picture me all dolled up for work (heels and all) trying to get my 17 lb. monster in his 10 lb. car seat out the door - all while balancing my laptop bag, purse, cell phone, keys AND trying to maintain a calm, cool business demeanor and actually make sense to the people on the other end of the call.


Today? 7:30 am meeting. I did it all again, only this morning Jake decided to lunge at me (while holding Alex) when I tried to put him outside. He's on his last life in the VW house and I am NOT kidding you.

The weekend cannot come fast enough.


carrie1 said...

Aww... I hope your day gets better. =)

my mid mid-life crisis said...

Eeks! That does not sound like fun. Joey-- come home ASAP. Don't ever leave her again! :)

And.. I'm like you, I have a flair for the dramatic. Life is so much more fun when you add a little drama to your life! haha

Andrea Schultz said...

That's how it have done it so so so so so many times, NOT. FUN.