Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drumroll Please...

Thanks to all for your entries! I'm still absolutely befuddled that this blog gets hundreds of unique hits every day, but the giveaway generated only 59 entries from 27 people (1 of which was MY OWN HUSBAND). I mean, you others not understand that it's FREE STUFF?! As in, you type some words, hit enter and click a mouse for a totally legit chance to win strings attached? Perhaps I'm in the minority with my addiction to free. Ah, well. Better odds for those that entered, I guess. :)

Without further adieu, the winners** of ABM3's first anniversary giveaway are:

GRAND PRIZE: Miss Pretty from Pretty Woman (and classy too!)

FIRST PRIZE: Jamie from Living Life. One Blonde Moment at a Time.

SECOND PRIZE: Kristen from WalderWeb

Ladies, please send me an email at kveedub{at}gmail{dot}com by Friday to claim your prize!

**If I was any good at legal copy, I would rattle on here with some big 5-syllable words about how I assigned every entry a unique number and used a random number generator to fairly determine the results. And, had Joe's number actually come up, I assure you he would have been disqualified.


carrie1 said...

Aww.... I'm sorry I was meaning too, but I NEVER win anything. I just have bad luck with giveaways. =(

Miss. Pretty said...

yay! i was forced to go to the library to get on a computer!! thanks soo much!

Van Baby Maker said...