Friday, October 23, 2009

Check 1, 2, 3.

Alex had his 6 month checkup on Monday. He's still as awesome as ever and growing like a weed.

6 Month Checkup - Weight: 17 lbs. 5.5 oz (50th %ile); Length: 27 in. (75th %ile); Head: 44 cm. (50th %ile)
4 Month Checkup - Weight: 14 lbs. 10 oz. (50th %ile); Length: 25 in. (50th %ile); Head: 42.1 cm. (25/50th %ile)

My little porker is officially in all his 6-9 month clothes and some of the 6-12 ones from Old Navy are just starting to fit. Most of his pants make him look like he's waiting for the Great Flood of 2009 because his legs are so long.

This weekend's "to do" list includes boxing up all his 3-6 mo. clothes. But since summer was so mild, he probably has ~20 uber cute short-sleeved outfits with the tags still on. I feel so wasteful...but I'll keep them around in case we decide to produce more spawn, otherwise I plan to make a killing at a future Mom2Mom sale.

He has 2 Halloween costumes (you remember the peapod one?). The other is a surprise...but I pinky promise I'll be posting pics. And before you even ask, hells yes he is going trick or treating! I can pour some Pixy Stix in his bottle and Joe and I can fight over the rest.

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dave said...

Um... just a quick question, from WHERE did he get such long legs? Lucky lucky Alex. I just know he's going to use me as an armrest :) (this is Kelli, BTW)