Monday, October 19, 2009

Paper Bag, Stat.

Those that know me well are aware of my extreme dislike of nail cutting in unacceptable places a.k.a anywhere that is not inside a trashcan or outside in the great outdoors.

My skin literally crawls when I see or hear others clip, clip, clipping their fingernails--or God forbid, toenails--in random public places. My Mom just skated by with her life when I caught her clipping her toenails (vomit) in MY BED once upon a time.

So, it is with extreme displeasure that I tell you that I just heard the unmistakable *clip*clip*clip* around the corner from my desk. Seriously people, at WORK? Have you no dignity?

I'm about to hurl my breakfast all over the third floor.


Mrs. Newlywed said...


Emily said...

ugh! someone needs some social skills - this special education teacher can teach them a thing or two!

our b life said...

ewwww... Someone doesn't have boundaries with their feet.