Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Act of Pure Desperation.

This one's about boogers, just so you're prepared.

I've been using the nose sucker (does it have a real name?'s this thing) that we got from the hospital for Alex. Sadly, it experienced its last suck a few nights ago due to a tear in the rubber.

So I bought a replacement from Safety First. Pardon the pun, but this one SUCKS. Hardcore. So I bought another one. And it sucks even MORE. I'm convinced that hospitals have the monopoly on all the good nose suckers.

I must, must, must, must get another hospital one. I will give money. I will give Starbucks. I will even give my dignity. Who can get me one? Nurses? People having babies at hospitals that can ask for an extra?

Seriously...I will stop at nothing to get my hands on it. I'm the Mom to the biggest booger producer on the planet and need that thing to survive.

Alex would really like to breathe. Can you help?

Update: My inbox has been absolutely flooded with suggestions to look into the Nosefrida. I will admit, the thought of actually sucking the boogers out of Alex's nose literally with my own mouth makes me want to gag, but it's been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and germ-free. Plus, the reviews are absolutely out of this world, so I basically must have one ASAP. I ordered mine online at Target...check it out!


Jackie D. said...

Kristi - I need to give you some advice about the 'nose sucker'. Probably the BEST gift I ever received was from a friend of mine who lives in Sweden - she sent this tool to me. I didn't think you could get them in the US, but I have seen them at Whole Foods - it's called the NoseFrieda. It sucks out boogers like nobodies business. It works WAY better than the one from the hospital. Truely!
I think I'll feature it on my blog page as my next must have item :)

Liz VA said...

I can gank one for you. At work, we call them "bulb suction" or "bulb syringes," but I don't know if that's the actual name because we tend to make up names for various supplies based on either their form or function.

David and Kelli said...

That is PURE disgusting. Ew. Even ME, the most "okay-with-disgusting-things" person ever is completely grossed out. I think even mom (who possibly is the only one to trump me) would gag profusely. Remind me to beg a few nose suckers off the nurses when I have a baby cause Miss Nosefrieda be Freaky!

(Now just watch me have children who desperately need Nosefrieda (who named that anyway?) and I'll have to eat my words)... I'll have to make David do it :)

Brooke said...

Another suggestion for you Kristi--get the Little Noses brand nose sucker along with Little Noses saline. Squirt a little saline in his nose, and then suck it out. It softens everything up and you get tons of stuff out! I know, sounds disgusting, but the baby can breathe again and sleeeeeeeep, which means we will got to ANY lengths for sleep, right?

The 'little noses' nose sucker comes with the saline in one box. I find it in the infant aisle at Walgreens!

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...
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Jackie D. said...

Everyone - please note...
the nosefrieda is not really gross, actually. No matter how hard you suck, none of that snot is getting up past 2 inches of that little tube you are sucking it into. Believe me, I know :)

The one I have is worn out! :)

Annie Duncan said...

It's called a nasal aspirator. "Booger Sucker" in my house though. And I know exactly what you are going through! I bought one, from safety first I think, to have a spare. It is completely useless! Those blue ones from the hospital are the best. Thankfully my stepmom works in the pediatric unit of a hospital so she can steal me extras.

Melissa said...

Hi Krysti! This is Melissa Brooks (used to be Metzler) from WHS. I saw a link to your blog from your sisters and have been stalking you ever since :) I have a blog too, but it's me at if you'd like to read!

Anyways, my 10 week old is always stuffed up. I saw Jackie's comment about the nosefrida and had to try it out. I got it in the mail on Friday and OMG....How did I live with out this?? You will be disgusted, but only at the amount of gunk that you can get with this thing that a bulb syringe could not even come close to! And it's not really as gross as it sounds... I LOVE it. Seriously. And so does Mason - he can breathe again!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristi-- I MUST know how this nasty nose sucker thing actually works. Once you get yours and try it out, let me know. HONESTLY... I'm too broke to waste my cash on sucky stuff that doesn't, well, suck!