Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Land of The Lost.

I've returned! And I'm ALIVE!!! Barely.

And not because the trip was bad or anything...quite the opposite, in fact. Mom, Alex and I had quite the adventure: 14 hours there, 12 hours back. All in one weekend! And FWIW, Alex was an angel. Seriously, he was better than I was in the car.

I'm just SURE that the New York State Thruway neverevereverever ends. It has some porthole at the end where it just drops you back where you started and then you have to do it all over again. I swear this is truthiness.

And might I just bitch for a hot minute about the insanity that is toll roads? I get that they are good for the economy and provide great jobs creation and yadda yadda yadda but for the love of all things holy I should NOT have to pay $28.70 to drive on your roads, New York. And you, Massachusetts! I want my $6.80 back. And you, Canada...you owe me at least 8 Loonies. Hookers, the lot of 'em.

Northwest Air (Delta Air...merger...whatever I can't keep up) rest assured that you will be getting a large portion of my paychecks until my sister finally sees the light and realizes she and David must move back to Michigan. At this rate, I would even settle for Toledo or Chicago. Anything 5 hours or less!

All in all, aside from the above rants, the weekend was awesome. And not long enough. They never will be. Even if I could spend a whole week out there it will never be enough hours or minutes with my sister. To put it bluntly, nothing will be right in my universe until she's back. Or at least closer. Until then, I will probably spend too much time being emotionally unstable while relentlessly begging God to move mountains and put CT in my backyard.

Pretty please? With Splenda on top?

...and in case you forgot whilst I was out, vote for Alex today!

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Ams said...

Hahaha You mean LOONIES!?
Lol... don't be hating Canada ;)
Your baby boy is stinkin' cute. Stumbled upon your blog from another blog. Glad you had a good trip (minus the insanity of traveling, the stealing of money.... etc!)