Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just Call Me Martha.

As previously mentioned, last weekend's festivities were a smashing success.

Up first, the Tiffany's theme shower. The tables were decorated with bride and groom gift boxes (tied w/ a Tiffany blue ribbin, natch) and inside were ring pops for each guest! Each placesetting also had a "BINGO" card with a twist. In place of the traditional letters, we used "KELLI" and DAVID" and instead of just a number, each of the squares had something that was meaningful to their relationship. Kelli and David would draw a letter and a space between presents, and the first person at each table to get a "KELLI" or "DAVID" won the centerpiece, which was a box wrapped in signature Tiffany blue with an authentically tied Tiffany ribbon (thanks, Sarah!). Each box was filled with random goodies like notecards, candles, bath accessories, etc.

The cake (from The Home Bakery in Rochester) made me want to pee my pants. Honestly, when I walked in to to pick it up I squealed with delight and jumped around like a potty training 4-year old. And for what it's worth, it tasted just as good as it looked.

Here's the bride and groom as they made their grand entrance. Don't you just love that they matched the theme? It gives me organizational goosebumps!

After lunch (which was delish!), presents and cake, a limo picked up the ladies that were staying for the bachelorette festivities. Of course, we had to get a pimp shot of Alex in his very first limo. Ladies' man, what?!?

No sooner had we kicked Alex out, David wanted to give his bride a final toast before her big night out:

Our first stop was a wine tasting at Fieldstone Winery in Rochester. We tasted 8 wines and sampled various cheeses. I know, so posh, right?

Our next stop was TCBY, Kelli's absolute favorite treat...as if you couldn't tell from this picture:

Here's the whole gang...I'm quite sure TCBY didn't expect us to pull up that night:

From there, we headed back to la casa de VW, where we dined on a QDoba nacho bar (another of Kelli's faves) and played games and opened gifts that made Kelli turn 17 shades of red. She would kill me if I posted any of those, so I will leave it up to your imagination. Let's just say that David will not be disappointed on the eve of Nov. 22. :)

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How cute! It looks like it was a great shower!