Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bargains and Bargains and Bargains Galore!

I have a confession to make: I love a deal. I seriously cannot resist them. I love, love, love coupons, discounts, sales, clearances...you get the gist. When purchasing things online, I will Google for hours to find checkout codes for free shipping, discounts or extra freebies and usually won't buy something if I can't find a deal on it. It's an addiction, I understand. But it's also an addiction that saves us hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year - so Joe tends to indulge me. :)

Today I am so jazzed to share some of my bargains. Some were blessings and others are plain and simply the result of some serious hunting on my part. Either way, I'm elated.

Item #1: WIP's Halloween custome for next year! :) (S)he's going to be a pea pod! How can you not love it? $14.99 at Target - but I got in on the 50% off Halloween sale. TOTAL: $7.50!!

Item #2: Starbucks tall decaf coffee. Totally free for voting. I'm still sippin' the goodness as I blog. Shoulda set me back $1.40. An extra bonus: I got it in a holiday cup. (Christmas obsession blog coming soon.) TOTAL: FREE!!

Item #3: A glider for WIP! Well, technically it's for anyone holding WIP, but you get my point. It's for the nursery. I about DIED when I went into Babies 'R Us and saw them retailing for $400 or more! So, I started doing some digging on Craigslist and found some really great deals on used ones. Then, lo and behold, I found one NEW in Troy for $100! It was at a place called the Troy Merchandise Mall, a big warehouse where retailers send all their out of stock or last season stuff. Kinda like a Marshalls or T.J. Maxx, only way less organized (if you can believe it). Anyway, we went to check it out and managed to talk the guy down $10! We looked online and the same rocker retails for around $200 and got great reviews (which you all know Joe loves). TOTAL: $90!!

Item #4: Delicious doughnut/donut from Krispy Kreme. Again, an "I Voted!" freebie. Would have cost $2.95 on any other day. Suckers! TOTAL: FREE!!

Items #5 & #6: This is the "blessing" part of the post. I didn't do any googling or sleuthing to get this deal - it just fell into our laps and we are so, so thankful. A wonderful friend and coworker of ours is ready to put his youngest into his "big boy" bed and offered us their crib AND changing table...as a gift! Needless to say, we are elated. They will be perfect for WIP's room - and unlike the IKEA set we were originally going to get, they won't cost a dime! More money for the college fund! Plus, they (intentionally) match the glider we got today. (Note: the pics are of the crib still set up in their house.)

All in all, I'm super pleased with our bargains. I'm still on the hunt for an armoire and dresser - so stay tuned for more bargains - KVW style! :)

And, if you haven't yet - GO VOTE!

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