Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Delicious.

A lot of people ask me what I've been craving, avoiding, etc. So, I thought I would dedicate a post to it. Honestly, I could probably type forever on the subject, so to keep me in check I shall do it Dave Letterman style with a Top 10.

The good:

  1. Applesauce
  2. Peaches (canned, whole, etc.)
  3. Mashed potatoes (especially of the cheap, instant variety!)
  4. Frosted Mini Wheats
  5. Tuna (NOT a fan pre-pregnancy)
  6. McDonald's hamburgers
  7. Bananas
  8. Fruit by the Foot
  9. Egg noodles (cooked, obviously)
  10. Waffles w/ delicious, delicious syrup
The bad:

  1. Subway (hard to even type it without vomming)
  2. Cheese, any variety
  3. The smell of Joe's body wash (poor guy)
  4. Chicken is getting harder to eat. I can still stomach it, though.
  5. Salads (I promise that WIP's getting all required nutrients, though!)
  6. The smell of re-heated Indian food
  7. Scrambled eggs
  8. The smelly and gross Thai food Roger sometimes orders for lunch (very different from #6, I assure you)
  9. Butternut squash soup
  10. Taco bell "meat," any variety

The delicious:

  1. My amazing husband, who gives me glorious backrubs and no longer uses his body wash (he's still clean, I promise!)
  2. 100.3 FM for playing Christmas music ALREADY!!! Woo hoo!!
  3. Maternity pants. I honestly might wear them forevermore.
  4. Mid-day naps
  5. Ridiculous deals on baby furniture
  6. Birthday bootcamp...hinty hintington...we're only 5 weeks away!
  8. Hearing WIP's heartbeat
  9. Visits to the dentist (I know it might make me sadistic, but I LOVE the dentist)
  10. The umbrella excuse for when I don't want to do something - "But I'm pregnant!"
As you can tell, my "good" list resembles the diet of someone in a geriatric facility without teeth or a sense of smell. I'm not too proud - I'm ok with it. :) As a disclaimer, this list is subject to change without notice. Tomorrow I might want a footlong Cold Cut Combo with extra cheese!!


Poker Dawg said...

A sad omission from the Good and Delicious lists is ice cream. When are the cravings for ice cream going to start?

Brooke said...

Based on your "good" list, I predict a Boy! This list is eerily similar to what foods only sounds good to me too, at the beginning of my pregnancy, now I'll eat anything and me, your day is coming and it is FUN!

StephandJason said...

Kristi, I happened across your blog b/c I was facebook stalking you to see how close your due date is to my sister's (she's due January 28th)!! Anyways, it's funny to me that prego people crave things they didn't even like before they were prego (i.e. tuna). Also, I love the dentist's totally normal!! ;)