Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Little Baby Bronco


Yes, friends. That is the FINAL score of the WMU Broncos vs. the Fighting Illini game, which took place on Saturday at Ford Field. I know, right? The running joke of the day was that it was the first time the home team has won there in a loooooong time. :)

It was an awesome game shared with a super fun group of people, albeit a bit...enthusiastic. John Lee, our fearless leader, even managed to swing us FREE tickets...AFTER we paid him for the ones he had already purchased. WIP enjoyed his/her first experience as a Bronco with a delicious, delicious soft pretzel with cheese and some popcorn. Yum-o! Add them to my "good" list!

WIP even let everyone know that (s)he's a future 'lil Bronco:

My shirt says "Baby Bronco on board!" And see the BMB in the background? Oh, how I love them.

And simply because I'm addicited to video blogs now, a Bronco entrance:

A Bronco touchdown:


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