Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hump Day, Bump Day!

Greetings, faithful Wednesday readers!

Today I'm blogging from my childhood home - WIP is very snuggly hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa T. :) Mom, Kelli, Jill and I are about to embark on a shopping extravaganza, so I must keep it short and sweet today. Here's the bump at Week 19:

"Congratulations, Kristi! You're 19 Weeks Pregnant. Your baby measures about 5.2 to 6 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 7 ounces. The baby's skin is developing and is transparent, appearing red because of the visible blood vessels. A creamy white protective coating, called vernix, is also developing. As your baby continues to grow, you may be feeling some mid-pregnancy aches and pains -- lower abdominal achiness, dizziness, heartburn, constipation, leg cramps, mild swelling of ankles and feet, and a backache are all normal. Dilated blood vessels might cause tiny, temporary red marks (called spider nevi) on your face, shoulders and arms."

Week 19 sounds joyful, eh?

Happy Hump Day! And to those of you planning to go out and enjoy the biggest bar night of the year, have one for me!

Tomorrow's THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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