Monday, November 24, 2008

Seth & Amy (and Kristi!) With Your Weekend Update.

I love SNL. If only Amy hadn't had a baby, left the show, and been replaced by not one, but TWO un-funny women. And I won't even talk about how much I miss Tina Fey. Le sigh.

I digress...what a weekend! We celebrated lots of birthdays - most notably, Michael Johnson who is *cough* 25 and holding. :) And Miss Melinda's birth was also celebrated, but as I fell asleep on the way, we sadly did not attend. The FB pics looks like it was a good time, though!

Saturday was a l-a-z-y day. I slept in to an hour I'm ashamed to admit and did nothing but watch football, sleep, eat and fold laundry all day. It was awesome.

Sunday marked the beginning of our Thanksgiving family celebrations. We went over to Susan's (mother-in-law) and were joined by Uncle Don, Aunt Delores, Jack, Mickey, John, Tommy and Dana. WIP got a lot of attention...and so did Mommy's belly! John joked that WIP was swimming around in a belly full of gravy saying, "Thank you, Mommy!" (Probably not far from the truth.)

Aside from the delicious heaps of food (we literally could have fed 50 people), the highlight of my afternoon was a very special gift that WIP received from Great Aunt Sharon.

Ohmigosh isn't it the CUTEST thing you've ever seen? She made it! I cried when I opened it - it's the most precious little sweater I've ever seen. And the BUTTONS! Oh! The whole set is just perfect. Thank you so very much Aunt Sharon - WIP will be so snuggly warm and wrapped in lots and lots of love.

In Christmas-obsession news, a few of our neighbors have up their indoor trees AND outdoor decorations. T minus 1 week, people!

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Just stumbled across your blog. That guft from your aunt is so precious!