Thursday, November 20, 2008


Argh. It's exactly one week to the day since my "Respect the Turkey" post, and I already have bad news to report: the cube decorating contest has been squashed by the HR scrooges. Apparently, our company employees people of all religions (um, duh) and to capitalize on Christmas would be inappropriate. WHAT? Are you kidding me? I purposely called it a "holiday" contest to be sensitive to that exact issue. It's not like I wanted to plop a manger in my office!

Instead, we're allowed to have an "end of year" party with cookies, coffee and hot chocolate. Lame. I'm considering going balls-out decorating my cube, anyway. At the very least, I'll put up my tree with some fake little presents. And those giant 3-D snowflakes hanging from the ceiling? Yeah, I'm making 10. I might even wear an elf hat. So boo to you, scrooges of the HR world!

In WIP-related news, my mom and I did some hardcore shopping over the weekend and I discovered a secret, hidden treasure in Somerset Mall! You see, they have a Mimi Maternity store, but I always refused to go in there because it's far too expensive. I mean, if I didn't want to pay $170 for an ugly cardigan before I was preggo, what makes you think that price is any more attractive when I am?

We decided to go in and look just for fun and much to my elation, the BACK of the store is Motherhood, the cheaper (and much more practical) version of Mimi Maternity! Woot! I scored this turtleneck (which I'm actually wearing right now) and mom bought me this sweater as a Thanksgiving treat. Love it!

The only question that remains: why would any woman in her right mind pay $118 for a pair of jeans when she can take 20 steps to the back of the store and get the same, exact pair for $48? The Secret Fit jeans are seriously identical to one another under both brands - only the price is different. I'm just sayin' that I can probably drop the $70 difference on a pair of shoes that I can wear 9 months of style? Please. I suppose it could also go into WIP's college fund. You know, whatev. :)

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