Friday, November 7, 2008

Michael Phelps Ain't Got Nothin' on WIP!

Today was our 2nd trimester checkup. They ran my thyroid bloodwork again and we got to hear the heartbeat! It's seriously the coolest, best noise on Earth - it's like Christmas every time we hear it. I thought it would be fun to record it so everyone can hear our little WIP's strong heartbeat - in the 150s!! The video is only about 12 seconds long but you can clearly hear the thumping. And if you listen really carefully, every time you hear a "crack" (or a sound like someone's whacking a live microphone) is when WIP is moving! The nurse said we've got a real mover and shaker...oh boy! (or girl!) :)

Note - be sure to hit "pause" on the music player at the bottom of the screen so you can hear the video!

Exciting, right? And special thanks to my ridiculously good looking cameraman, Daddy Joe. :)

The best news EVER is that our next ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, December 8 (day after my birthday - woot!). If WIP is cooperative we will know the sex then, too! I'm debating keeping it a secret until Christmas but I honestly don't think I can last that long.

Let's take a poll - who thinks boy? Who thinks girl? Leave your comments on this post or email me at


Lindsay T said...

I love it! Wow - how crazy!?!? I think you're going to have a... hmm...I think little WIP is a boy! I can't wait to find out!!!

Jamie said...

So AWESOME! I already told you my vote, but so you can keep a fair tally ... I must go against the grain of Lindsay's vote, I think WIP is a GIRL! :)

And I also vote for not keeping it a secret until Christmas ... inquiring minds need to know!

*cait* said...

my vote is a boy. just a gut feeling:)

Poker Dawg said...

My vote, boy or girl is a healthy little republican with wholesome conservative values!

And I'm still waiting for the ICE CREAM cravings to start =v)

dave said...

THIS IS SO SO AMAZING! Hahah, I love how fast the heartbeat is =P

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! I laughed and cried at the same time - I guess you call that pure joy! I vote for a girl...I know that you will LOVE WIP no matter what and so will I but I know its a girl.

Can't wait to start buying pink things - don't wait till Christmas! I second Jamie's vote :)

Kristi said...

OH MY GOD! I cried and laughed at the same time! I guess that's what you call pure joy!

I vote its a girl...just a gut feeling as well Cait :)

Kristi said...

OH MY GOD! I laughed and cried at the same time. I guess you call that pure joy!

I vote for a girl that looks like her Momma :) Gorgeous!