Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pregnant Women Like to Shop, Too!

As if!

I'm pretty sure that 92.367% of my readers aren't pregnant women, but for the 7.633% that might be, I thought I would share a few of my best finds. These aren't necessarily deals (though I encourage you to find coupons - I rarely shop without them!) but they are priced right and you're guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck.

The basics:
Tank tops/camis. H&M's "long" variety are are GREAT! Not only are they long enough to cover the tum-tum, they are priced right at about $8 each - and you can wear them all the time! (Mine are actually from my pre-prego days.)

Underros. For some reason both Joe and I both get the Victoria's Secret "Free Panty + $10 off any bra" coupons in the mail from time to time. I've started using them to get low rise bikinis in a size larger than I normally wear. Stocking up slowly on these bad boys...and for free!

Sweatpants. Steal them from your husband. If he complains, use the "But I'm preeeeeegnannnnnnnnt" excuse. Works like a charm. Also see if you can scam a footrub while you're at it.

Jeans. I can actually still rock my regular jeans with the BellaBand, but am getting closer to busting out my prego jeans. I have a full-panel pair from Old Navy and a wide-band pair from Motherhood...both were priced around $30 and are actually really, really cute. I'm not a fan of the way Target's jeans fit. They are really narrow at the ankle...which my cankles are NOT cool with!

Dress Pants. Since I have to dress up every day for work, dress pants were actually the first investment I made. Target's UTB (Under-The-Belly) dress pants come in grey, black and brown and are uber comfy. They have side elastic bands that you can adjust as you get bigger. I'm currently on button #3. :) The price isn't bad, either - especially if you work out the "spend $50, get free shipping" deal. They wash up great and don't need ironing. Woot!

Casual. Old Navy's long sleeve maternity tees are great! They come in every color under the rainbow and are nice and long. Plus, if you snag some during the 2-for deal days (almost all the time), they are cheap, cheap! These fleece tops (not maternity!) are also only $15 and are comfy-cozy.

Dress. As odd as it sounds, I've found some of the cutest tops at Kohl's! Their ELLE line (not maternity!) has a lot of really flowy tops with the wide bands at the bottom in some really great colors for fall. And Kohl's always has extra coupons or deals...just make sure everything scans right at the register. They've screwed up my purchases more than once!

Night on the Town:
Dresses. Both Motherhood and Target have some really trendy and cute options for winter. I've scored this and this - and like them both because they specifically do not look like "pregnant girl" dresses. You know, the deep v-neck, empire waist, flowery patterned ones. Gag me.

That's a good start for now. I'm sure this list will all change as I continue to expand. :)

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Van Baby Maker said...

So, THATS where all my Victoria's Secret coupons are going!!!