Friday, December 18, 2009


I realize that I made this blog public. And that I openly share pictures. And use my real name.

But for the love of all things cheesy, I wish for just this moment that I hadn't.

I'm about to explode due to some of the ridiculous things that are going on around me at this exact moment. However, because this blog, its posts and author are very, very public, I cannot.

It really is a shame because I assure you the laughter such a post would bring could be heard the world ‘round.


Jamie said...

Hm. I'm dying of curiosity ... perhaps a blog post for my very private e-mail inbox? ;)

Jackie D. said...

Ewwwww, even cheesier than what happened on Thursday?? :) ha, ha.

allison said...

sounds like something for a certain secret blog about a certain company!!! sadly i dont even remember how to get to it!!