Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BDBC - Day 2.

After a night of INSANE dreams (seriously, you'd think I did some serious narcotics before bed) I woke to a wonderful BDBC Day 2.

This morning, Joey left my card and spreesprise on the chair that I usually feed Alex in. The card was, again, perfect and the gift was a set of pink sparkly snowflake ornaments for our Christmas tree. Yes, he's the best. And sorry ladies, he's totally taken.

I started the work day with a 15 minute chair massage, which are offered every 2 weeks by our LiveWell program. I'm currently in a semi-permanent state of pure zen that not even 'The Devil Wears Prada' herself can ruin.

Tonight after work I'm headed out solo to le Mall to cash in on some of my birthday freebies. Then I'm meeting some friends for drinks...not for my birthday, but a fun night nonetheless. A group of girls (wives of the crazy Pike boys from WSU) get together every few months for good times, good drinks and a night away from hubbies and kiddos. Fab.

Snowflakes, massages, shopping and drinking. A perfect BDBC Day 2!

Oh...and you'll notice that my list at the right has significantly grown. Jackie @ Letters to Leighton opened my eyes to a whole new world of freebies. I heart her.

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our b life said...

A night out sounds awesome and so does that 15min massage. I wouldn't want to work after that,only nap.