Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birthday Freebies.

You might have noticed that I've started a list on the right with all the freebies I've gotten from various retailers and restaurants in honor of my day of birth.

The reason for this list is twofold:
1) So I remember to cash in on all of them.
2) So my delicious readers can get in on all the fabulous, free goodness! Head to their websites now and sign up for whatever email lists you can get on. It's worth the 128,943,278 useless emails/spam you have to sift through every year to get the free stuff!


Pat and Kristen said...

How do you get earrings from Helzberg Diamonds as a freebie? That's pretty great! :) Happy week of your birthday!

Jackie D. said...

Ha, ha - since I have a December birthday too, I have received the Red Robin coupon, the VS coupon, the DQ coupon. I have to try and get that Old Navy one too. For whatever reason VS sent me (2) of those $10 coupons, but I am not complaining :) You can also sign up to get a free Zehnders chicken dinner. I get that coupon too. That is a good one.

I have like (4) of those $15 Limited coupons we can share. Maybe we can go to lunch and then hit The Limited & VS sometime soon :) - - before Christmas.

Jackie D. said...

Forgot this - you can also sign up here for free stuff :)