Thursday, December 3, 2009

BDBC - Day 3.

Another glorious day of me. Are you sick of it yet? Cause I'm sure not.

My spreesprise this morning was placed on the toilet (lid down, thankyouverymuch) while I was in the shower. It was another perfect, loving card and the pop-up tape dispenser from Scotch. I've been eyeing it for awhile now...nice to know Joey pays attention.

I scored a grande Christmas Blend on the way to work and have since been as busy as a bee. Not sure if it's the insane amount of caffeine I've pumped into my body in the last hour or if I'm just having an uber productive day. I'll let you know around noonish.

In related news, last night's shopping trip/girls' night was a smashing success. You'll see I've updated the list @ the right to reflect the coupons I've cashed in on.

I got these at DSW, but in a grey color with silver buckles. I know...SO fab.

I also scored a pair of Pumas and some black pumps for work (both on clearance, natch). Plus, my purchase last night generated enough points on my DSW membership to get another $10 coupon in the mail soon - which means Joey can get some new kicks, too!

From there, I picked up my earrings at Helzberg. I just handed her my coupon and she handed me a bag with all sorts of goodies - earrings included! I'm wearing them right diva glam.

Two additional stops at Hallmark and Vickie's and her Secrets were enough to get me in the mood to party. Simply add girlfriends, a martini and a margarita (or two) to the mix and it was a perfect night!

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