Tuesday, December 8, 2009

27 Is SO Much Closer To 30.

Let's open today's post by exposing the Fatty McFatterson Elephant in the room: I'm now officially on the other half of the half between 25 and 30. Ugh.

Ahhh, well. I'll live it up while I can. In the meantime, let's recap last night, shall we?

As much as it pains me to do so, I will admit right out loud that I was incredibly wrong in my prediction of last night's plans. I thought we were going to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Detroit. 1) Because it's where Joe proposed 2 years and 364 days ago (well, technically it was in front of the waterfall in the Compuware building...but details, details); 2) Because we make it a point to go back every year and have dinner there on the anniversary of our engagement; and 3) Because the tree downtown is lit and the skating rink is open for bizz-nass so it's like a magical winter wonderland of JOY! Have I mentioned my intense love of Christmas lately?

Anyway, as I was saying...I was wr--. I was wro--. I was wron--. I WAS WRONG, DAMNIT! That doesn't happen often, just so we're all on the same page.

We went to Kruse and Muer in downtown Rochester (sweet baby Jesus their food is amazing) and took a little stroll up and down Main Street to check out the amazing lights. For those that aren't familiar with what Rochester does at Christmas time, you must see the below photo I snapped with my cell:

I knoooooooow, right? It's so, so, so, so awesome. Now imagine every single building for about 5 blocks (and up and down the side streets) with lights like that - literally from the sidewalk to the top of each store. It's breaktaking.

Today is a sad day...it's the first day of no BDBC. But...Christmas is right around the corner. Chin up, little bear.


Jackie D. said...

Kruse and Muer...my fav. Yum! My parents bought that little rewards card and so we go there often so we can exploit the 10% off, or whatever the discount is. :)

mommaof4wife2r said...

Fatty McFatterson...makes me laugh bc i say that too! you are cracking me up...love christmas lights, but def wanna see that many!! my kids would flip out!