Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa, Baby.

Alex went to visit Santa on Sunday. In true VW form, we visited Santa at Bass Pro Shop in Great Lakes Crossing. Don't judge! You can't beat a *free* picture with the big man!

I actually think Bass Pro will become our new Santa tradition. Aside from the fabulously free photographs, they also had scads of fun and free things for the kiddos: a table with coloring things, crafts and letters to Santa (complete with mailbox, natch); a laser "shooting" range; ice fishing demonstrations; Wii games to play on big TVs; racecar games and more! Seriously, when Alex is old enough to actually participate and enjoy it all it will be something he (and his Daddy) really look foward to.

Here are some of the pics we managed to snap. Alex was so funny - totally expressionless and completely mesmerized by Santa.

" you think Santa will bring me one of these?!"

"Oh...the ladies will totally DIG me in this!"

"Ummm...Dad? Maybe you should put that silly camera down and come rescue me from this very precarious situation?"

"Well, hello there, old man. What's that fuzzy stuff on your face?"

It was such a fun day...and wasn't he just ridiculously cute in his Santa suit? There's more cuteness where this came from - the 2009 VW Christmas Card will be posted soon!


Melissa said...

I absolutely LOVE the last picture of him and Santa - it's priceless!

christa said...

omg kristi!

all of the pics are so cute! i love the new photos on the side too! such a photogenic fam! sending warm wishes and holiday hugs !

David and Kelli said...

"So, big boy, is what they say about you true? Give it to me straight."

David and Kelli said...

My newest caption for the last one (the shared glance) is "Hey mister, are you copying my outfit?"

You should enter that in a contest.