Monday, December 7, 2009


I adore my birthday. In fact, the only day that actually tops it is Christmas. And I'm relatively certain that if my birthday happened to fall exactly on December 25, the world would galactically implode into some alternate universe where up is down and black is white. It would blow. your. mind.

Day 7 has been fantabulous. My final card contained a sweet, sweet message and tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in March! I laughed and told Joe we will likely be the oldest people there, but you know as well as I that we'll be jamming and singing along with the 80 bazillion tweens in the audience like we're not a day over 14. I draw the line at waving my cell phone in the air, though.

I'm not sure what tonight holds. I know that I was explicitly instructed by Joey to make no plans and be out of work at 5 sharp. I have a leeeeeeeeeetle idea of what it might be, and if I'm right I'll let you know tomorrow. If I'm wrong, well...I'll never fess up to that.

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