Sunday, December 6, 2009

BDBC - Day 6.

Day 6 was the best yet.

My spreesprise was left on the bathroom sink - it was a McDonald's gift card to get my Diet Coke fix on  and another perfect card. He knows me so, so well.

We went to church and then traveled north to Frankenmuth to Bronner's, the World's largest Christmas store. I could probably get a sleeping bag and a box of Cheez-its and live in their tree/lights section for the rest of my life in pure bliss. I LOVE it there. We purchased Alex's personalized ornament for our tree and some other odds-n-ends Christmas-y, fabulous items. We attempted to visit Santa, but it was a 3 hour wait. FAIL.

From there, we went to downtown Frankenmuth and walked around some of their weird, little shops. Then we met up with Mom, Dad, Kyle and Jill at Zehnders to partake in their famous chicken dinner. But get this - instead of dining in the actual restaurant, we went downstairs to the "Z Cafe" and had the same dinner that is offered upstairs but at 1/5 the cost (because it's served cafeteria style). For real! We had a 16 piece chicken dinner with 6 sides for a total of $31.95. A single chicken dinner upstairs is a ridiculous $24.95. Love it!

On the trip home we stopped at Target (le swoon) to pick up a present for baby Clarke (congrats Dave and Cassie!!) and then to Coldstone for freeeeeeeeee ice cream.

I love my life.

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Jackie D. said...

Kristi -
So funny - because, Tim & I are regulars at 'Z's Cafe' at Zehnders. And Tim & I was watching your little video snippit of your dad giving Alex the Mt. Dew on Facebook and we were both like...are they in the basement at Zehnders? They have a very distinctive ceiling :) Tim was like, you have to ask Kristi if she was was there at Zehnders. Did you also know you can get 10% back of your purchases if you have their rewards card? After your 10 visits, you get a gift certificate for 10% of the amount you spent. Honest true story!! Also, do you know you can get their yummy chicken soup down there too? It's not on le menu - but, you can ask the guys/gals behind the buffet (where they fix your plate) and they will get you a bowl from upstairs. I love their soup. By the way, the clip of Alex clawing for more Mt. Dew was pretty funny.

Also, Happy Birthday today! Woohoo!

Sorry about my rambling post :)