Friday, March 20, 2009

Sherman Klump, Party Of One?

Today we're going to talk about my feet...well, at least what's left of my feet.

The latest pregnancy ailment is swelling. And not just any swelling, people. We're talking full-on, balloon-in-my-foot, look-like-Professor-Klump-from-the-Nutty-Professor, fatty-fatness-in-the-feet swelling. It's more prevalent on the left side (as in, it goes pretty much all the way up to my knee) but definitely omnipresent in both hemispheres of my bod.

It's entertaining (to say the least) to squish it around, look in the mirror and make fun of myself. But somewhere, deep deep down in my very vain soul, it's borderline depressing. While I often joke about my ginormousness, it's something that on any given day can actually be something very emotional. I miss my body - my normally functioning, decently sized, properly proportioned body.

This week has been full of body milestones. My favorite maternity jeans are too small, another pair of maternity jeans that I could once fit 2 of me in now fit nicely, I found some very unwelcome stretch marks on the underside of my tum tum and now my feet and hands are swelling like one of those "Grow A Boyfriend" capsules.

These and other symptoms are all unfriendly little reminders that the end is, indeed, in sight. But knowing that my little WIP will be here very soon makes it a little easier to embrace and accept all these crazy changes.

And, if I get a pedicure any time soon I promise to post pics of my feet so you all can have a laugh at my expense. :)


Jamie said...

Just wanted to tell you you've never looked more beautiful :)

Kelli said...

I agree with Jamie :)