Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothing Creative.

The creative juices are running on E today, so the best I can give you is the lame pediatrician update I promised yesterday and a good (stolen) joke.

1) Pediatrician candidate #2 - A referral from a friend and very, very nice overall. The only thing that freaked me was she got her degree in the Caribbean...I know that's so very judgmental, but can you blame me for wanting the best? The office was fun, clean and located right in Troy Beaumont, which is nice. I also appreciated her outlook on vaccines - they have a schedule they like to follow, but it's ultimately the parents' choice. She also gave some great advice re: circumcision (or "circ" as they call it in the biz) that put Joe at ease. I can't imagine that's an easy thing for a dad to stomach.

2) Pediatrician candidate #3 - In. Love. We toured the office with the office manager - only downside was that we didn't actually get to meet any of the docs. But I did read all their reviews on the billions of mommy websites and there was literally hundreds of overwhelmingly positive rave reviews. All of them spent time as chief resident at Children's Hospital, which is great. Plus, because of their affiliation with Children's, they could refer us with priority should there ever be a serious situation where he needed to see a specialist. The only downside? They aren't on staff at RO Beaumont and are only affiliated with St. John's. Which is fiiiiiiine, but it would be so much simpler if they had Beaumont affiliation. I honestly don't mind WIP having to see a resident at the hospital, and truth be told, he will probably be checked by the resident prior to the "circ" procedure before any pediatrician (mine or otherwise) would get to see him, anyway. Plus, if and when we move, we are likely going to the Troy/Rochester area, which would put us REALLY far from this office.

So many decisions, so little time. We're visiting one more practice on April 8 (Happy B-Day, brudder) and then we will make the final call. Why can't I just pick McDreamy and be done with it? Le sigh.

And now, for the joke:

Did you hear about the new IHOP breakfast dedicated to the OctoMom? It's made with 8 eggs, no sausage, and the people at the next table pay for it.


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