Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little Out Of The Ordinary.

So, today's news really has nothing to do with WIP (although we did have an appointment this morning...more on that tomorrow). Instead, I'm using the power of the internet and all my internet friends to simultaneously help out one of baby brudder's friends AND a good cause. Please take a moment to read the info and vote. Thanks!


315 million people in Sub Saharan Africa survive on less than one dollar per day.

184 million Africans – 33% of the African population – suffer from malnutrition.

This dream is about those numbers.

My brother's friends, Adam and James, have an amazing opportunity to earn $50,000 to use to fight poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

They need help to reach the top 20 of this competition in order to make it to the judging process.

Their desire is to use this money to provide food and supplies to a village in Sub-Saharan Africa and document the poverty and success of the help through photography. Their ultimate goal is to raise awareness and cause action in the fight against poverty.

Voting only takes a few seconds, so please take a moment to vote for their cause!


2. Click "Pic It" (on the left)

3. Register and check your email.

4. Log in and click "Pic It" to vote on their page.

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