Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reaching Nirvana.

I'm quite certain that the hour I spent atop a heated table in near darkness with a perfect stranger rubbing me down with hot oils yesterday was the single greatest moment in my life.

Weeeeellll, that might be stretching it just a bit, but it certainly makes the top 10. Seriously, it was uh-maaaaze-ing.

I was very hopeful that she would have one of those fancy tables with the hole in it for my tum tum, but she didn't. (Funny story - a coworker likened the image of me hauling my arse on top of one of those to getting a VW Beetle out of a manhole. A perfect, if not slightly insulting, analogy.)

I digress. Back to the rub down. So, she didn't have a fancy table, but used all sorts of newfangled techniques and pillows to make me extra comfy - and it worked! I almost fell asleep like four times.

What I found most interesting was that she had me use a body pillow when I was propped up on my side. It was GLORIOUS! What's more, Joe has been urging me to get one since he read about them in Fit Pregnancy. WHY did I not listen?!?!

Guess who bought a body pillow last night on the way home? Yeah. 36 weeks into this...I'm so behind the times.

In related news, this particular masseuse offers a prenatal massage package during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy - 1 massage a week at 20% off if you pay for it all up front. Combine that with my $10 off coupon (What, did you honestly think I would do something without a coupon!?!) and I am getting a slammin' deal on massages for the next 4 weeks. And if WIP comes sooner than expected, I can use them after he's born. Schwing!


Our really empty nest said...

That is the perfect pampering treat for a mommy to be, good for you! I had never thought to add chocolate chips to my banana bread, but I will try it next time for sure! Try that poppy seed bread, and let me know what you think, it is delish! Sue

fallgirly said...

You can use the body pillow after the birth for feedings AND make sure to bring it to the hospital too! My friend INSISTED I get one and it is by far the best thing I've bought so far!