Friday, March 13, 2009

Report Card.

Let's review the interviews of possible Team WIP members from this week, shall we?

1) Possible daycare provider #1 - A "corporate-style" daycare (ie - not homecare) with a really great staff. Both Joe and I felt super comfortable there. WIP probably would dig it, too. As far as Metro-Detroit daycares go, it was priced moderately. Grade: A-

2) Possible daycare provider #2 - A gem! This place was referred to me by a coworker, and is run by two older women who left "corporate daycare" 22 years ago because they felt the business model was overpriced, unfair to parents and didn't provide the best care for each individual child. These women are amazing. They not only provide an excellent level of care for all the children, they also have learning time, read to the children and give them all 1-on-1 time. Lucky for us, they have exactly one spot left before they max out the number of kiddos they are licensed for. How fast did I write my deposit check? Um, it's in the mail right now. Grade: A++++

3) Possible daycare provider #3 - Obvi, I'm skipping this interview.

4) Possible Pediatrician #1 - Eh. The location is absolutely perfect - in a brand new Beaumont facility about 2 miles from our house. I liked the doctor enough, but she got a bit defensive when I started asking questions about vaccines. It was almost as if she immediately took me for an "anti-vaccine" mom, which I'm totally not! I just don't want the Hep B shot at the hospital and I want the MMR vaccine given all by itself. I did, however, appreciate her asking me why I made those decisions, and in the end she did say that while the practice has a vaccine schedule they use, she would work with me on whatever I wanted for WIP. I'm not totally sold on her, yet, but we'll see. Grade: B+

We're visiting 2 more pediatricians next week and then I'll make the call.

In other news, I learned that the OB-GYN does the circumcision. Go fig. Seems weird to me that the pediatrician doesn't do it.

Happy weekend!


Bubblesworth said...

One thing you may want to consider since you're having your OBGYN perform a circumcision is whether or not they will use a local anesthetic prior to doing it. Some OBGYNs will tell you- Oh the baby can't feel it etc. But I would highly recommend the use of it so your kiddo's heart rate stays low and normal during the procedure. Most don't have a problem administering one if you ask.

christa said...

hey glad that they ob does it after they are born usually the morning after they are first two sons had it done that way, but my youngest son who is almost 2.5 had to wait till he was 2 wks old for them to do it ( thats how wa state does it why i have no idea!!!) but trust me i think it was more torturous for him..i hated every second of it...i would say go with the two older ladies it sounds much better than a center..i think corprate or center daycares dont have enough time, i was lucky to have someone who had an inhome center and she had my 6 yearold from the time he was 3mo till he was 3 and then she closed, then they went ( the 6yr old and now 2year old) went somewhere when the two year old was 4 mo and she was good but then she upped her prices so i couldnt find adequate care after that, and quit my job to stay home with the boys and now i watch 4 others besides my own kids every feel free to ask me anything!! hope all is well..Have you chosen or narrowed the list of names yet?