Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That Would Explain It.

Caitlin, I believe I've got the foundation for our official case vs. Palmer's/Laila Ali on lockdown. Put on your fancy lawyer hat and pay attention.

To paint the backstory for those unfamiliar, I recently posted a complaint about my newfound stretchmarks. (Gasp!) I, like many other expectant mothers, fell prey to the Palmer's "Laila Ali is proof that Palmer's works" ads and rubbed my belly down every morning and night like I was Aladdin rubbing the lamp for Genie to appear in hopes to stave off the red, wormy, eternal marks.

Behold the photo from the ad in question:

Is it just me or is she like 2 minutes pregnant in this picture? Of COURSE she doesn't have stretch marks and of COURSE "Palmer's works. She's the proof" because it looks like she just ate a few too many sliders and needs to drop a really good deuce to get that bloat down.

I didn't have stretch marks when I had a bitty tum tum, either. No one would! It wasn't until week 35 that those unwelcome bastards made their way to my skin surface. Misinformed and manupulated by Palmer's, I was under the impression that my daily slather ritual would prevent stetch marks...much like they supposedly did for Laila Ali.

Kids, you have homework. Someone find me a bare belly pic of Laila at 35+ weeks and PROVE to me that she doesn't have stretchmarks. Lies, lies, lies!


Emily said...

Love your blog! I've been reading it for months - when I was pregnant it helped me see that I was not alone in my plight! Thanks for the laughs and the wonderfully written insight!

Our really empty nest said...

I second what Emily said! ANd I also dont think there is anything that prevents stretch marks, except air brushing, sorry. sue