Monday, March 23, 2009

That Escalated Quickly.

To say that Friday didn't go as planned is the understatement of the year.

Remember when I posted about boobie leakage and how gross I thought it was? And remember how that very same night I experienced it for myself?

And remember how on Friday I posted about swelling? Well, it turns out that little episode of pufferfish syndrome got me a free ticket to triage.


I casually mentioned to a coworker on Friday that one leg was particularly more swollen than the other and she insisted that I call my doctor immediately - letting me know that unilateral swelling wasn't "normal." Let it be known that I have not once called the doc throughout this entire pregnancy for a question - I never wanted to be "that mom." But I knew I needed to make the call, so I strapped on my big girl panties and dialed the nurse.

She asked me a series of about 500 questions, and sounded strangely more alarmed with each of my answers. Way to put me at ease, lady. She told me she wanted to talk to Dr. Seltzer and would call me back.

Five minutes later my phone rang. Here's how that conversation went.

"Hello, this is Kristi."

"Hi, Kristi, this is Jolie from Somerset OBGYN. I just talked with Dr. Seltzer and she wants you to head to triage immediately."

"Triage?! Like, the HOSPITAL?"

"Yes. It's the unilateral swelling that's concerning her. It's a symptom of deep vein thrombosis. I already called the hospital and they know you are on your way."


I know a thing or two about DVT - mostly because my boss nearly died from it about a year ago. But I had a sneaking suspicion it wasn't anything that serious because I had none of the other symptoms...but better safe than sorry, right?

To make an incredibly long story short, we spent the better part of 3 hours in triage on Friday. (And Joe so was SO much cooler than I thought he would be when I pulled him out of a meeting to tell him he had to take me to the rightnow. I honestly thought he would freak, but he was cool as a cucumber and was like, "Let's roll.") The doc ruled out DVL and clinically diagnosed me with what I like to call "lopsided kid" syndrome. Turns out that WIP just prefers to rest on the left side of my body, so he's pressing on all those veins and arteries, hence the unilateral swelling. I'm going to see Dr. Noomie (my faboo chiropractor) today to see if she can "center" him.

The best things about our trip to the hospital can be summed up with the following list:
  • We now know exactly how long it takes to get to the hospital from work.
  • We've got the parking situation down to a science.
  • They did another ultrasound, so we got to see him again!
  • We got to hear his heartbeat and learned the little piggy weighs 6.4 lbs!
  • I was able to witness women in triage actually going into real labor...and none of them were cursing or screaming or wanting to die. Rather reassuring.
  • We got Ben and Jerry's when it was all said and done. Hooray for the Mint Cookie shake, that's all I've gotta say.

I hope that our next visit to triage will result in a "He's here!" post. Stay tuned...just 4 weeks to go!


Jamie said...

Scary, Kristi! Super glad everything is okay!

And let's pause for a moment to reflect on this irony: I'm finishing up a presentation right at this moment (took a break to read your blog) about ...

... DVT!! For real.

Kelli said...

They actually CALLED the hospital to let them know??? Amazing. I love them even more over at Somerset.