Friday, March 6, 2009

Pregnancy Ain't Beautiful.

Well, at least most parts of the 3rd trimester aren't. Allow me to share with you some bits and pieces of my yesterday, will you?

The day started off normal enough: the typical 3-4 tries to get out of bed, loafing to the shower and preparing for the day in slow motion. I got to work and was less than enthused about actually boosting shareholders' value...but begrudgingly did it, anyway.

After lunch I'm quite sure that a giant, metaphorical 18 wheeler hit me head-on. All of a sudden I felt that my only two options in life were either to vom or pass out (luckily, I experienced neither).

So I packed it up and headed home early. No sooner had I let Jake outside, I was on the couch and down for the count. I slept until around 6 when Joe got home and from then out was really only functional to eat, pee and halfheartedly Facebook. My body was experiencing some other joyful and graphic functions, but I will spare you those details. Let's just say that anything you were doing last night was far, far better than my experiences.

I seem to be back to normal today - still feeling very sleepy but I have some energy and pep back in my step. The tall, nf, decaf, 1 Splenda latte from Starbuckies is helping, is grand.

I suppose it's to be expected. I am, after all, growing a human inside me. Do you ever wonder what Eve thought about being pregnant? This morning when WIP was performing an Irish step dance on my ribcage I really thought about what she must've thought about all this. She didn't have any precedent to go by - no docs to show her an ultrasound, no friends to tell her tales of what her body might go through, no books to reinforce that everything she was feeling was normal. I suppose having a direct line to God sort of eliminates the need for doctors, friends and books...but still. Kinda "big" to fathom, no?

I literally could go on for days about the random things like that I think about. But I will spare you today. It is Friday, after all. Yippie!

Tonight Joey and I are hitting up our first Mom2Mom sale in Farmington Hills. Can't wait to tell you about all the screamin' deals I get my swollen, fat hands on!!

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Thanks for the sweet {calming} comment you left on my blog :) I sure do hope that when the big day comes, I'm all smiles and no stress!