Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today's Rant.

Despite my usual crabbiness about being enormous, there are times I rather enjoy being pregnant. I love eating lots of crazy and scrumptious things. I love that Joey is amazing (not that he's less amazing when I'm not knocked up...but it's just different kind of attention). I love singing to WIP and feeling him kick me (not sure if he's clapping or booing). I love wearing sweatpants 99% of the time.

And I know it's very uncharacteristic of most pregnant women, but I actually really like it when people rub my belly. Even if it's a perfect stranger...I honestly don't mind at all. In fact, I sort of wish it happened more often, but I suppose people are hesitant to just go up to a random belly and rub it.

But there is something that drives me absolutely batty - people constantly asking how far along I am. It's one thing to ask me every now and again; I get that. If you ask no more than once a month you're a-ok with me. But asking every single time I see you is simply unacceptable. If the last time you asked me I was 32 weeks and that was one week the math. I'm 33 weeks now, moron.

I know it's a silly thing to get agitated over. Especially since I don't mind the strange belly-rubbing. But there is this one lady who literally asks me every time I see her how far along I am. Sometimes it's more than once a day. No joke!

I'm five minutes farther along than the last time you asked me, lady. Now step off.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Ohhh I can imagine that question would be annoying!

However, the delicious food sounds like a HUGE benefit :)

Brooke said...

The one that gets me, and you'll get this when you are really close to the end, is "Oh, you're still pregnant?", or "No baby yet?" Clearly, the answer is in front of your face!! Ahhh! Soon enough, it'll all be over and a little bundle will be in my arms and not my ever expanding belly:)

Wishing you the best as you get even closer, Kristi!