Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Savings.

Joe and I just got back from our semi-weekly grocery/miscellaneous item shopping trip to Meijer. This time, I ate before I went -- smart! That old adage, "never take a hungry pregnant woman shopping" is so, so true. Well, I suppose in our situation it's "never take a hungry Kristi or Joey shopping, regardless of spermination," but that's a post for another day.

As per my usual Sunday ritual, I clip-clip-clipped the coupons from the paper, filed through the existing stash and penned a shopping list before we left. That's right. I take this seriously.

I am so, so proud to report that we've bested our previous savings record by more than $30. Combining coupons and in-store savings, we saved $67.81.

I know. I about died, too. That vacation in November is looking more and more possible!!


Anonymous said...

Ok...that is fantastic!!! If I send you my email address, will you tell me what you did??? I have NO clue how to find savings like that! I'm a coupon clipping virgin.....

LovesTooSing said...

haha, a couple times when I'm really hungry and me and my dad go shopping, i'll slow down sneak to the fruit isle and hurry up and eat a small tomato hahaha, One time when I was 12 I did it, and I couldnt finish it so I stuffed it in a Hannah Montana purse HAHA