Monday, March 9, 2009

Strollers Are The Devil.

As promised - a brief recap of the Mom2Mom sale I nearly didn't survive on Friday evening.

It was at a church in Farmington Hills, about a 40 minute drive from work. So, we packed it up early and jetted out west. The flyer indicated doors opened at 6 pm, and wanting to get while the gettin' was good, I timed our life in order to get there right at 6.

Turning the corner, I saw that there were literally 80 people in a long, long line waiting to get in. Note to self: these things are apparently very popular. Get there early.

Once they opened the door it was fairly smooth sailing. My advice to a M2M newbie would be to go to the "large item" room first, if that's what you're looking for. Those seemed to be the items that went fastest (strollers, bouncers, cribs, carseats, swings, etc.). If you're not looking for big items and just want to peruse the tables, don't start at the door. Do the circuit backwards and avoid the mayhem.

Also - if you want to live past 40, I recommend going to the M2M sales that list "no strollers" or going only during the time slots where "no strollers" is indicated. As you can imagine, there are lots of PG women at said sales, but there are also a lot of NEW moms. New moms that don't get babysitters or leave baby w/ daddy. New moms that take their giant, double-wide strollers into a church that's already packed with millions of people and tables and small, small hallways. I nearly lost both my feet in a few close calls.

This was one of the smaller sales on the schedule with ~35 tables. I cannot imagine what the 70+ table ones are like. Attend those at your own risk.

Now, onto the goods. We snagged the following:
  • 1 pair of uber cute OshKosh B'Gosh (seriously, such a stoopid name if you really think about it) denim overalls - $2
  • 1 Disney "baby" Tigger outfit - bright yellow and blue plaid short overalls with a matching onesie and socks - $3
  • 1 pair of irresistible Levi's jeans - $4 (Baby denim is my kryptonite. I cannot resist it.)
  • 1 pair of leather soft sole shoes w/ monkeys on them! (new!!) - $4

We also got this for $20 - it seriously looks like it's never, ever been used. It retails for $80. YESSSSS!!!!!!

And a monitor for $15. These are exactly the ones I wanted - highest rated on Consumer Reports and BRU...for $30 less than retail, thankyouverymuch.

All in all, totally worth it. Here's the calendar for SE Michigan if you're interested. We can make a date of it...have your people call my people.

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Aliya said...

Little boys in overalls are the cutest thing on the planet! Your son is going to be stylin'!