Monday, March 16, 2009

A Masterpiece.

WIP's nursery has officially become my favorite room in the house. We've finally finished everything - I've even washed a good portion of his clothes and have them all put away in the drawers. Note: 'twas during said laundry-putting-away session that I realized not only do I have a sick obsession with baby denim, I also am addicted to baby shoes. He probably could wear a different pair every day for the first year of his life. The good news? All were purchased at least 75% off retail. Woot!

I digress. Here are some pics I snapped this weekend of the finished wall decorations. I ADORE them. This post will explain the long quote...I'll cry if I have to explain it again.

(See the new Legos Daddy made for WIP on the windowsill?)

I ordered the quote from The Simple Stencil and am so pleased with how it turned out. They offer a free "test" stencil up to 12 letters with your order to practice with, and instead of wasting a freebie (um, like I would ever do that!), I decided to order "Alex Joseph," since that was the flavor of the week we liked for names at the time I bought it. So, I suppose it's decided! Unless he comes out looking like something else, he's dubbed our little AJ for eternity. Although I think I will call him WIP until the day I embarrassing will that be on his High School graduation day? Meh meh meh...

In related baby news, congratulations to Jamie for becoming a 2nd time Aunt to Mr. Brady Thomas. Also, WIP has a date for prom 2025 - "Peanut" Johnson! Keliann and Michael found out they are having a girl...yippie!! :)


christa said...

its beautiful i love the colors..and the name LOVE IT!!!!! i love that he will have a name but initials as a nickname...his room is gorgeous and peaceful!

Greg and Joette said...

Kristi and Joe
Alex Joseph -AKA -our sweet WIP has such a wonderful room to come home to----You did a fantastic job and you can "see" the love you have put into every little detail!! Can't wait until he's here...........we are so very blessed. love you more than words can say--MOM

Kelli said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can't WAIT! (I know, I know...neither can you...LOL)