Saturday, October 18, 2008

A little musical inspiration

Those who know us know that music is an integral part of our life together. We're actually quite famous for our ridiculous road trips, and even from the beginning, our iPod playlists were what got us from Point A to Point B in one piece. In our first year together, we logged trips to the northernmost point in the UP (Kristi and Charles' wedding) and even to 300 miles north of Toronto (Mark Smith's cabin)...and it was the crazy sing-a-longs and showtunes (much to Joe's dismay) that made the ride so easy and fun.

Well, I've been listening to music lately with what some might call a "mother's ear." I like the sappy, emotional songs that have lyrics about love, miracles and happiness. Cheesy, I know...but I can't help myself!

I recently bought the new 33 Miles CD, 'One Life.' It's been the most popular CD in my car, proven by the fact that it only took me about a week to memorize all the lyrics. Yes, all of them. One week. (I still can't imagine what all the people next to me at stoplights must think...crazy girl singin' and rockin' all by her lonesome...)

I'm getting to my point, I swear.

Although in my professional musical opinion the entire CD is brills, there is one song in particular that I love, love, love. It's called "I Loved You Then" and is about God's limitless, neverending love. He loves us always despite our human failures and sin...He even loved us before we were born!

Because both Joe and I were raised with that same kind of love from our earthly parents, we can't wait to shower our own child(ren) with the same limitless, amazing love. It's actually incredible to think of the similarities between the love Our Father has for us and the love that "reglular" moms and dads have for their children, isn't it?

Anyway, the chorus of this song drives me to tears nearly every time I listen to it. I listen to it from the perspective of a mother's love for her child, and I sing it to WIP every time it plays. Every word is so perfect. Take a look for yourself:

I loved you then.
I love you now.
I will love you tomorrow.
When this world breaks you down, I will give you strength to stand.
Look to me; take my hand and just believe...
Before this day ever began--I loved you then.

The lyrics are beautiful, but the melody and piano track are what really drives it home for me. I don't think there is a way to put the song on this blog-er-roo, but if I can figure something out I'll post it. (Tips, anyone?)

Joe and I are even thinking about getting a custom wall graphic for above WIP's crib that will read, "Before this day ever began, I loved you then." I'm sure the nursery design will change a million times before April, but it's one of our ideas.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Head to a cider mill/apple orchard in your doughnuts and support Michigan businesses! :)


Jamie said...

First - you are a blogging rockstar!! 3 posts in just 2 days!

Wow, Kristi. Love your words - so true and I cannot even imagine how more so for you as you carry this little miracle.

I read your words about cribs and being parents and it still gives me chills to think that in < 9 months, WIP will have a name, a face and full ability to love you right back :) It's beautiful.

Love, love, love the idea for the words above the crib!

Jamie said...

I just wanted to say that while I do not have WIP to speak of, the song lyrics still made me cry...

Something seriously is in the water.