Monday, October 27, 2008


One of my favorite things to do on Monday mornings is to peruse some of my bookmarked websites to see what sort of news (celebrity and otherwise) I might have missed over the weekend. Among them are Pink is the New Blog, People, US Weekly, friends' blogs and recently, pregnancy sites.

One of my personal favorites is Fit Pregnancy. They also have a magazine, which we just learned Delphi's nurse provides free of charge (woo hoo!). It's a great publication and web site, offering pregnancy tips, parenting advice, healthy recipe options, etc. I've actually learned a great deal from my Monday morning visits to this site...and today was no exception.

Upon hitting the home page, I scrolled down to see if any new giveways or promotions had been added (I'm an addict). I noticed a section called "Most Popular Articles: Pregnancy" and the first link on the list was entitled "How to Get Pregnant."



I mean, I know my parents were really great about the whole birds and the bees thing, and that maybe other parents weren't as open and truthful with their children...but really? Maybe I just take it for granted that most people should already know "how to get pregnant"by the time they are intrigued enough to visit Fit Pregnancy. Who knows?

Happy Monday! :)


my mid mid-life crisis said...

Hi Kristi! I found you on facebook.. we have a bunch of friends in common.. and then saw that you had a blog. Wow, that sounds like I'm stalking you. Anyway, I went to Western with you and know of you from friends. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm following along to hear all about your pregnancy! Hope it's not too strange that I sort of stalked you. :)

Kristi said...

Ooohh! An internet stalker - I'm so flattered. :) And an anonymous one, at that...very Dick Tracy of you!! Enjoy the ride!