Thursday, October 23, 2008

Walk It Out.

Last night I actually had the energy to go for a walk! We went around the block, which was fun - and Jake loved it! Our street and the few around us all take Halloween pretty seriously, so we got to spy on their decorations. We even discovered Joe's nemesis has a bat box! (The nemesis story is a funny one - we each have one on the street. Mine is a drives a different car every day and has impeccable taste in decorating/landscaping. Joe's is a guy that moved in about the same time he did - and they were always silently competing in home renovation projects. Don't let this story fool you, we're actually really fun neighbors to have!)

Anyway, I'm getting kind of excited for Halloween this year. Most of you already know that I live and breathe for the Christmas season, but now that I'll be able to participate in Halloween as a mom - you know, dressing the kids up, taking them trick-or-treating, stealing their candy - I'm actually starting to like it! And since Grandpa Greg will steal all the Butterfingers, I call dibs on Milk Duds!

Aside from the slight boost in energy, I'm still not feeling all that awesome. It was chair massage day at work today, so that was probably the highlight. :) Enjoy what's left of your Thursday - tomorrow is Friday!!!

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