Monday, October 20, 2008

A BIG day...quite literally.

Mark it in the books, people - today I stepped into my maternity pants (lovingly referred to by me as my "fatty momma pants") for the first time...and they stayed up - on their own!

So, the good news: WIP is growing! The bad news: Mommy still feels like poo.

My Facebook status today really says it all: "Everyone that promised me the 2nd trimester is 'awesome' are big, fat liars." I knoooooooow that I'm only 14 weeks and that some women take until 16 weeks+ to start feeling better, but I'm really getting antsy and impatient. To be fair, I'm not sick or nauseous that much anymore, but the HEADACHES! Are you kidding me with these things? It's like WIP is growing in my brain, not in my belly!

The doctor swears they're "normal" and are probably the result of the changing seasons, my slight allergies, hormones and caffeine withdrawal. Um, ya' think? I hope my baristas haven't forgotten little ol' me...

It's getting a little harder to sleep at night, and not because I'm uncomfortable. It's mostly because I have to pee every 39 seconds. I was the "Pee Monster" before I was pregnant...seriously, can you imagine what it's like now? I'm considering adult diapers!

Well, little WIP, someday after your SLP Aunt Kelli and teacher Uncle Kyle teach you how to read, you can read all of mommy's blog posts and know that you were worth it. Yes, even the fatty momma pants.

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Natalie Smith said...

I don't know if you will read this, but I had really bad headaches also, and my doctor told me to take a decongestant along with some tylenol and it helped some days!