Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish!

Joe and I have recently decided we need to read more.

So we joined Netflix.

Hahaha - I know, it's so backwards. "Honey, we need to read more." "I agree, let's watch a movie." Only the VWs...

But seriously, I do need to read more! Although I never actually cracked a textbook in college, I did a LOT of reading. You know, socially. :) I miss having a good book on my nightstand and propping my eyes open to struggle to the end because I couldn't fall asleep not knowing if Ashley Stockingdale lived happily ever after or not.

I have a few books lined up that I am actually excited to read. Namely, "Chasing Harry Winston" by Lauren Weisberger - same author that wrote "The Devil Wears Prada." Love it!

Despite my love of "chick lit," I actually think I should read some baby books, too. To my credit, I did read Jenny McCarthy's book, "Belly Laughs," which was quite possibly the most crude (albeit hilarious) book I've ever read. Friends and coworkers have been so nice, lending and gifting me pregnancy books ranging from "The Idiot's Guide to Pregnancy" to "What to Expect When You're Expecting," but I just can't bring myself to crack them open.

Strange, right? I guess I'm a little anxious to read them for many reasons:
  • I do not want to be that hypochondriac pregnant lady that self-diagnoses every sneeze and "strange feeling" as something gone horribly wrong.
  • Call me crazy, but I'd rather not read about the semi-gross things my body may or may not go through. I'll continue to hope for the "not" and carry on with life as usual.
  • I want the "firsts" - kicks, movement, hiccups - to be a surprise! If the book says I should feel them at X weeks and little WIP is a late bloomer, I don't want to freak. (See bullet 1)
  • I'm lazy.

I know, I know - I should be an educated mommy and learn everything I can while I can. And I'm sure I will...eventually. Like when I'm on bedrest in 4 months because I'm approximately the size of a small Middle Eastern country. Then, I will read.

Until that day, we will continue to be faithful Netflix customers. (Sidebar: "The Pursuit of Happyness" is the SADDEST movie you will ever watch. It has a happy ending, but the 1:50 leading up to the last 7 minutes is a pure downer.)

Next up on our queue: Seasons 1-3 of "How I Met Your Mother." :)


Jamie said...

Woohoo for 'reading!' lol Oh, how I love Ashley Stockingdale. I miss her.

I agree that those baby books can make you crazy ... Brooke felt the same way. Going to nursing school has the same effect. Okay, gotta go now - I feel a pain in my neck that I fear may be a cerebral aneurysm ;)

See you tonight!!!

*cait* said...

Two notes:

1. I love love love "How I Met Your Mother" and you will love it, too!!

B. A fun book to add to a reading list that will only take you hours to read: "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea." by Chelsea Handler. You may pee your pants--since your bladder is always full. And there will be no talk of what happens to your body during pregnancy. Double bonus.