Friday, March 20, 2009

A Sign!

My sister went through this phase just before grad school where everything was "a sign." We would pass a vehicle that had the letters NC in the license plate and she swore she was destined to move there. Some were actual moments of fate, but others were just very silly, very far-fetched twists of reality. If nothing else, these small episodes provided a good 3 months of solid entertainment for our entire family.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my fortune cookie from runch (P.F. Chang's...YUM!) that said, "A passionate new romance will appear in your life when you least expect it." AND the flip side (the one that teaches you a new word in Chinese) was SON. Not sun. But SON. Totally cool, right?

It's a total sign. Kelli will dig this.


Aliya said...

I totally believe in that stuff, too! The day before my bachelorette party in Las Vegas, I went to get Chinese and my fortune read, "You will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter while making fond memories." -- Yours is definitely cooler, though :)

Jamie said...

So so cool!

And ... I heart Kelli :)

Kelli said...

OH my GOODNESS! I totally LOVE this! Hehehehe. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Our really empty nest said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and what fun! I read all the way down to leg cramps, I remember being pregnant with my first, 25+ years ago and woke up with such leg cramps, my husband jumped out of bed thinking I had gone into labor, they are not fun, supposedly bananas are good for them?!? I will enjoy following your journey into motherhood, it is a trip, lol. Sue