Friday, March 27, 2009

So Blessed.

Today is another rare sentimental post. I'm feeling overwhelmingly blessed, mostly because I realized this morning how much I truly, truly have to be thankful for. I have my Joey, my WIP, my family and friends, a job, a place to call home and despite these cankles, my health.

Last night while I was at Bible Study, Joey went grocery shopping to fill our very bare cupboards. When I arrived home, there was a bouquet of pink gerber daises (my fave!) and the nicest, sweetest card...all for no special reason. AND he baked cookies!

Yes, those are Oreos you see in the background. They're reduced fat, so that has to count for something, right?

Back to the blessings...I read stalk a perfect stranger's blog called Heir to Blair. She had a miscarriage not long ago, but is pregnant again with a healthy babe in ute! She writes weekly letters to Harpie Jr. (her version of WIP) and I always cry when I read them. Since I'm a writer by trade, I know it's not uber cool to steal someone else's work, but I'm feeling the need to have a chat with my little here is my letter to WIP:

My dearest little WIPpersnapper,

Until I met your daddy, I don't think I actually knew what true, unconditional love was. Being married to him is just awesome - he makes my life worth living...and he also gave me YOU! How cool is that?!? He and I have the sort of relationship that I hope you can find someday when you are 45 and ready to marry a nice, sweet girl. Well, I guess that is when Mommy will be ready...we'll revisit this topic again when you're 18, ok?

I imagine that when you finally get here, we will learn a totally new style of love. All of the moms I know tell me of a "mother's love" and how it's this sort of enigma that you can't describe - that it will just wash over me the second they lay you on my chest. I can't wait for that moment, and I hope that I can describe it accurately when it finally happens.

Daddy and I are on pins and needles for you to come out and play. Just the other night, he was lamenting about all the fun things he can't wait to do with you. He's really, really excited to buy you your first baseball glove, so even if you don't exactly love the sport, please pretend to for his benefit, mmkay?

We wonder a lot what you will look like, but there are a few things we can be sure of. You're going to be a hairy little guy and will most likely have to start shaving at 12. Sorry about that. You'll probably also have a ghetto booty, but don't worry - chicks totally dig that. I imagine you will be a creative thinker like your daddy...the two of you will make up wild, wild stories that will have me rolling out of my chair someday.

We can't wait to take you to the French River, to the Zoo, to Chicago, to Disney, to Comerica Park, to Meijer (we love going's weird, but you will love it, too), to the playground, to Dairy Queen and to all of our other favorite places. We'll even take you new places that we can all discover together.

But most of all, we can't wait to take you home. It's all ready for your're going to LOVE your new room. It's definitely a step or two up from the Hotel Mommy you've been snuggled up in the last 9 months.

All my love...and even more,

P.S. - I realized yesterday that BOTH of your Grandmas drive convertibles. are such a lucky kid!


Our really empty nest said...

That was lovely, makes me want one, a grandchild that is, I am too old for a baby, yikes!

Jamie said...

Agreed 100% ... you are very blessed. And so is your little WIPersnapper :)

Oh, heck while we're on this subject - I'm blessed too to have you as a friend.