Friday, January 2, 2009

Such Accomplishment!

I am pleased to report that we're through nearly 50% of that to-do list I went on and on about a few weeks ago. ...and by "we," I mostly mean Joe, since he has been working his tail off doing all the hard jobs. Again, I'm so lucky. :)

Here's a rundown of what we've accomplished.
  • Totally emptied former office. (WAY harder than it sounds.)
  • Moved boxed/bagged contents of former office and GIANT desk, bed and chair into basement.
  • Semi-organized 50% of basement. (You could actually find things down there if you wanted to!)
  • De-Christmased the house. (Also harder than it sounds. As mentioned previously, I am obsessed with Christmas AND bargains. Thus, the after-Christmas sales are nearly irresistible to me. I bought an extra red/green 95 qt. Tupperware container this year and managed to fill it. My count is now going strong at 5.)
  • Shopped for all necessary paint/nursery accoutrements at Lowes. (Wooo! Used the $250 gift card we got for doing our kitchen there.)
  • Painted entire nursery, including trim and should also be noted that the prep work wasn't easy - a great deal of spackling and taping had to be done. (Snaps to Joe for going solo on this task. Due to fumes, I could be found at IKEA and the movies for the duration of this day.)
  • Put up new light in IKEA purchase.
  • Replaced all outlets, switches and outlet covers in nursery.

Tonight we're going to relax a little after dinner, then move in the rug and put together the dresser and armoire...and maybe do a little decorating with some of the items I've been collecting. EEEEEEEEEE we're getting so excited!

I'll post pictures as soon as it's done, promise!

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